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When the Lockdown Opens Doors

Throughout Nepal it seemed that the affects of the COVID-19 lockdown were worse than the virus itself. Day laborers weren't able to work and therefore weren't able to eat. Sick people weren't able to get help. And lonely people got more lonely.

But God used these circumstances in three specific people we know about to bring glory to His name.

Disabled and Living Alone

To live alone with one leg amputated at the knee would be hard enough on it's own. This man depended on his mother and sister to care for his physical needs, including helping him walk. Of course with the lockdown, his mom and sister couldn't visit as often as before. But a team from the Koinonia church network did visit this man with food and support. The man remarked that the church was there to see him and help him during his time of desperate need.

Medicine and Food for a Believing Family

A man who has been paralyzed for 10 years, but is a believer along with his wife, was dependent on his only son. When his only son became jobless during the virus lockdown, they desperately needed medicine. This man and his wife prayed for help and people from the Koinonia church network, when they heard of it, were able to bring him food and medicine.

They Couldn't Help but Ask the Church

A man living in a rented room with his sick mother and father is a day laborer by trade. They were living happily before the lockdown, but when the virus hit, the man couldn't work. One week turned into two months and they were having trouble having the money for food for even just two meals a day. This desperation finally humbled them enough to ask the church for help. The church was able to provide support to their family and through this testimony, this man's mother and father received Christ! Pray that God would continue to work in the son's heart and that he may be saved as well.

And there are more stories like these! In total, the Koinonia church network helped 900 families during the lockdown. Pray that their ministry would bear much fruit for the Kingdom!


Koinonia is more than a hundred churches strong, plus hundreds of small groups. Their vision is to see each small group turn into its own church by 2025.

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  • During the economic and health crisis in Nepal, that God would give provision and grace to the many people served by Koinonia.
  • Please pray that God will provide for the church planters and trainers throughout the network.
  • Pray for daily needs of believers and their communities that are very poor or have been impacted by COVID-19.
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