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"Villagers Gather at My House to Torture Us"

villagers torture at house

As Christians in the United States, we don't often hear about how God is working in the most remote parts of the globe. But He is.

Picture a tiny village in remote Nepal. There's no electricity, there's just one community well for water, and people do much of their own farming. Homes are more like huts and once you're born in a village, you stay there.

villagers farming

Even in this place, there is a faithful remnant. Jesus is calling people to Himself in even the most remote villages of Nepal. And it's so cool that one church network—the Koinonia Church Network—gets to extend its reach into these places where it evangelizes the lost and disciples new believers.

Now, it's hard to imagine what life might be like if you were one of the only Christians in this remote third-world village. Especially if this village were full of hostile unbelievers. But this is the reality for a Christian man and his small family of believers in Nepal.

Here is his story:

My name is Deepan and I belong to a Koinonia church in the Koinonia Church Network. I came to Christ in 1994. In 1994, my only family were the other believers in my village. The unsaved villagers liked to torture us.

During the first years I was saved, I went through severe persecution from the unsaved villagers, physically and mentally. I was excommunicated from the villagers.

The villagers did not allow me and my family to drink water from the community water tap. Therefore, we had to dig our own canal to drink from. The villagers heard that we were digging a canal for our drinking purpose and on the first morning, some of the people defecated in the water. It continued for many days like this, but we just cleaned it and drank from the same canal.

digging well

One day, one guy came to my house and asked me for forgiveness for defecating in the water. Later I knew why this guy asked for forgiveness. It was because his wife jumped from the cliff and died. I forgave him and we now have a good relationship.

Another guy always came to my shop and spit whenever he came. One day a landslide hit his house. He also came to my house to ask forgiveness.

Then one night the villagers came to my home and asked for help in chasing a thief. But we soon found out their motive was not to chase a thief, but to beat us. They beat us so badly on that night. But we just kept quiet. Many times, the villagers gather at my house to torture us because we live out our faith, but we stand firmly on Christ.

Finally, I was able to start one church in that village. We worship together with about 25 believers at present. God blessed our family so much that now people come to our shop to purchase goods. All this is possible because of Jesus Christ. I want to thank Him for being with us and helping us to live and serve in the village.

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Join us in praying for the Koinonia Church network as its members aim to reach their goal of planting 500 churches in Nepal by 2020.

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