“Instead We Persevere”


Thank you so much for your fervent prayer and support for the Koinonia Church Network in Nepal. As a result,
the church planting ministry is going smoothly. In many parts of Nepal, the church planters are training
and the church planting ministry is growing.

The Koinonia Network Expands

The Koinonia network is continuing to identify new target locations and each existing church is still working to plant new churches in these areas. By God’s grace, the work continues, fellowships are being formed, buildings are being constructed, and Jesus Christ is being worshipped!

But as with many church planting missions, their efforts are not without adversity.

One Church Experiences Adversity

As construction is almost over with one new church building in a strategic area of Nepal, a neighbor complained to the government. This halted the construction work on this building for the time being. They have to wait until the problem is solved.

Not only does the building project need to stop, but the individuals worshipping in this body of believers experienced personal threats and harm. But, the Lord has given grace upon grace to this church.

“Instead We Persevere”

According to the leader of this church, they, by the Holy Spirit, have chosen not to react poorly to this adversity, but to instead move the church to a rented building and to continue serving the Lord as usual.

We have not reacted; instead we persevere. This has left a good legacy among the surrounding community. Thank God that even from that incident the gospel was spread in the community that Christians are doing good.

Amen. Join us in praying for this specific body of believers and their neighbors who need to hear the Good News.

About Koinonia Church Network

The Koinonia Church Network in Nepal has more than 30 church-planting and service works that shoot off like spokes from the wheel hub of Koinonia. From social services, to a leadership institute, to a school, and a media and literature ministry, the Koinonia Church Network hits almost every aspect of ministry.

The Koinonia Church Network strives to reach their main goal of planting 500 churches in Nepal by 2020. Here's the strategy. There are 82 Koinonia churches at present. Each church has to choose their Mission Point locations with prayer and plant a minimum of seven churches by 2020. To do this, every week each church sends an evangelism team to each Mission Point.

By the year 2017, the plan is to have fellowship in these Mission Points. By 2020, the plan is to have a minimum of 20 baptized members in these fellowships. Once these fellowships have 20 baptized members, they announce that fellowship as a church. This effort is affectionately referred to in house as "Mission 2020."

The Koinonia Church Network has a vision to see the gospel spread through Nepal and beyond.