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About Koinonia Church Network

The Koinonia Church Network in Nepal has more than 30 church-planting and service works that shoot off like spokes from the wheel hub of Koinonia. From social services, to a leadership institute, to a school, and a media and literature ministry, the Koinonia Church Network hits almost every aspect of ministry.

The Koinonia Church Network strives to reach their main goal of planting 500 churches in Nepal by 2020. Here's the strategy. There are 82 Koinonia churches at present. Each church has to choose their Mission Point locations with prayer and plant a minimum of seven churches by 2020. To do this, every week each church sends an evangelism team to each Mission Point.

By the year 2017, the plan is to have fellowship in these Mission Points. By 2020, the plan is to have a minimum of 20 baptized members in these fellowships. Once these fellowships have 20 baptized members, they announce that fellowship as a church. This effort is affectionately referred to in house as "Mission 2020."

The Koinonia Church Network has a vision to see the gospel spread through Nepal and beyond.

Latest Updates from Koinonia Church Network

Interview: When a Christian Crosses his Caste

As a high-caste person, I drank tea with him. It was something he hadn't received from society. This was the factor which showed him the way to Christ.

Help Needed for Koinonia Churches, Shelters, and Bible Institute
Help Needed for Koinonia Churches, Shelters, and Bible Institute

Koinonia Patan Church really appreciates your prayer and support as they work to reconstruct the Koinonia churches in their network after the earthquake.

Earthquake leaves doors open for evangelism
Earthquake Leaves Doors Open for Evangelism

A devastating earthquake hit Nepal in April 2015. This earthquake is leaving doors open for evangelism in a way that can only mean God is at work.

Church Planting Strategy in Nepal

We have set vision for 2020 to establish 500 churches, that means each church has to plant 7 to 10 branch churches. We have done vision sharing conference to all the church members and leaders on how to do it and how and where to choose the target areas and how to make teams? Each […]

Relief in Nepal

A massive earthquake has hit Nepal. Here is an update from our friends there: “Thank you so much for your prayer. At this time we are going through severe destruction from Earthquake. And still we are going through many Earthquake every day even though it is less shaky than the destructive one. We need your […]

Devastating Earthquake in Nepal: Prayers Needed

A whole region of Nepal is in mourning over the devastation from the earthquake. Thousands of people have lost their loved ones and millions do not have shelter. Whenever devastation hits, people either blame or turn to God. Pray that people’s hearts are softened. Pray for our friends who are representing Jesus that they would […]

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  • As the team leaves every week for evangelism, please pray for God's protection and wisdom.
  • To send our missionaries and evangelism teams to the mission points. We need to cover their transportation, food, and accommodation. Please pray that God may provide enough support to send our missionaries and evangelism teams.
  • Pray for daily needs of believers and their communities that are very poor or have been hit by natural disasters.
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