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About Koinonia Church Network

The Koinonia Church Network in Nepal has a vision to see the Gospel spread through Nepal and beyond. Right now, the Koinonia network is more than a hundred churches strong, plus it has hundreds of small groups meeting in Nepal. Their vision is to see each one of those small groups turn into its own self-sustaining church by 2025. The Koinonia Church Network is working to train 80 more church planters who can support themselves through work, while also doing ministry throughout Nepal.

Latest Updates from Koinonia Church Network

From Vision 2020 to Vision 2025

Koinonia has identified a new goal called Vision 2025, which is to prayerfully see each of the 360 small groups become its own church.

When the Lockdown Opens Doors

Throughout Nepal it seemed that the affects of the COVID-19 lockdown were worse than the virus itself.

blind but now he sees
He Was (Literally) Blind, But Now He Sees

Sometimes, God opens literal eyes of the blind as a way to reflect His own glory also.

"Instead We Persevere"

We have not reacted; instead we persevere. This has left a good legacy among the surrounding community.

Missions conference Nepal
A Missions Conference in Nepal?

How encouraging it would be to meet at a missions conference with other like-minded believers to worship God and hear the preaching of God's Word.

How a Driving Profession Leads to Church Planting

For work, Rahiv was a professional driver. During his time driving, he was able to form several small groups in the Western part of Nepal.

New Koinonia church
"I Fell into Their Trap"—But God Delivered

With the goal of shaming Rahiv and making his church a spectacle, the community members designed a master plan to trap him.

How to plant a church in Nepal
How to Plant a Church in Nepal

They have to make sure each existing church in the Koinonia Church Network is equipped and educated on how to plant a church in Nepal.

Jesus Film
Pray for Jesus Film Outreach

People from the Koinonia Church Network who went on the first trip shared a little about how God has already worked through the Jesus Film outreach.

villagers torture at house
"Villagers Gather at My House to Torture Us"

I came to Christ in 1994. In 1994, my only family were the other believers in my village. The unsaved villagers liked to torture us.

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  • During the economic and health crisis in Nepal, that God would give provision and grace to the many people served by Koinonia.
  • Please pray that God will provide for the church planters and trainers throughout the network.
  • Pray for daily needs of believers and their communities that are very poor or have been impacted by COVID-19.
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