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After growing up on the streets without a father figure himself, Mihai has a huge heart to see young boys and other struggling Moldovans experience and hear the Gospel through the love and care from Christians. So Imago Dei church has made huge efforts for outreach and evangelism with young men, boys, children, the elderly, and people with disabilities in mind first. Tuesdays and Thursdays are major outreach days. Here's what's going on in Mihai's own words:

Tuesday Is for Men's Zone

Tuesday is when we open doors for activities in the Church. Every week on this day we meet with the boys from Men’s Zone (a compassion project with boys from dysfunctional families, boys lacking a healthy father model, project inside ‘Strong Foundations’ compassion ministry). We are proud to see these young men’s desire to come back every time and to be passionate about the things we discuss. The Gospel has been expressed openly to these boys many times, so we pray that God will continue to search their hearts and bring them to faith.

For these young men and for other new boys that we wish to invite in the project starting with August this year, we pray and plan to conduct an extreme camp sometime late in August. From our previous experience last summer, such a camp has a huge impact on their lives and is an amazing opportunity to freely discuss the Gospel. However, this requires certain costs, so we as a church pray that God will provide and help us to make this project happen.

Thursday Is for Community Ministry

Thursday is when I meet with members from our church, to perform visits and also to work hard on my master’s degree. It is also a day when we lookout for opportunities to reach into the community and interact with people. This being said, we want to share with you our latest partnership with the local city hall. They have reached to us asking for help with the elderly people in the community. These are men and women abandoned by their children and relatives, leaving on their own, many of them with disabilities and in disturbing conditions. We had the opportunity to visit about 20 of these homes and help the people there. We witnessed great joy, tears in their eyes and gratitude for simply stepping into their homes. We have open doors to go back, help and preach the Gospel.

I was especially touched by a single mother and her two little daughters that I visited together with a brother. This lady has no job as she stays at home and takes care of her 9-year-old daughter Evelina, she has cancer and she has lost sight because of the tumor. The doctors are giving minimal chances of recovery to the little girl. This mother is desperate and she prays and hopes for the best. Please pray for them and for us to be able to go back and help this family.  

Please join us in going before the throne of God to intercede on behalf of Evelina, the elderly in Moldova, and the guys involved in Men's Zone.


Imago Dei ministries focuses on church planting and discipleship as a way to reach their community in Moldova for Christ.

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Your giving enables ministry work like this to continue. Please consider joining us financially in this work.
  • Pray for the firefighters that members of the church meet with regularly.
  • Pray for God to provide all the expenses for the various summer camps this year.
  • Pray for the elderly people and for growth and more impact of the project that is reaching them.
  • Pray for the street cleaners that come every week for tea and coffee at the church.
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