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Taking Young Men into the Unknown

Men Moldova

In Chisinau, Moldova people feel the heaviness of pandemic restrictions. As some businesses reopen, “People still carry with them fear, social distance, and uncertainty about tomorrow.” They live in the unknown. Mihai and Sergiu are taking a group of men into the unknown of the wilderness to help them find a solid Foundation for life and family.

Despite the hardships in Chisinau, “the Church is growing in the Word and is reaching out to people.” Though gatherings are limited indoors and even in outdoor markets, new people are coming, and the Imago Dei church members are “persevering in the Word.” The lockdown in the country did not lockdown the growth of the church or the sharing of hope.

The Strong Foundations Ministry of Imago Dei Church began with a vision to change the course of broken families by sharing the hope of Christ with them and helping them learn God’s truth for life. Five men are enrolled in the Men Zone ministry, “slowly taking steps of transformation.” After weeks of isolation, some young men joined Pastor Mihai for a “hike into the unknown.” For some, it was their first experience climbing steep slopes taking them to waterfalls. In nature, conversations turned to the hardships of fatherless families in Moldova.

When Men Zone meets, young men are pointed to, “something they never had back home.” Leaders Mihai and Sergiu understand, because they came from a life of not knowing how to grow a family God’s way.

For the young mem, Mihai says, “Our conversations shake their spirits and raise many questions, but our hope and dream is to see them embrace the Gospel and become real men, real fathers one day.”

Mihai and Sergiu are planning an “Extreme Camp” with the young men of Men Zone and others in the Imago Dei church. They’ll spend time in forests and caves, hiking and fishing. They’re praying for “powerful well planned moments when we can talk about important subjects and share the Gospel.”

In Mihai’s words --

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope,” (Jeremiah 29:11). We know God is sovereign, He is in  control and that we as a small church need to learn how to subject to His plans. We pray that every young men, child, woman or man that comes in contact with us will hear the Word and repent, for God is the only one who can bring hope and future in their lives, as He did in our lives. We as children of God, Imago Dei Church here in Chisinau, learn to walk by faith, knowing that most of the time that means stepping into the unknown.”

A message from Mihai


Imago Dei ministries focuses on church planting and discipleship as a way to reach their community in Moldova for Christ.

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  • Pray for the firefighters that members of the church meet with regularly.
  • Pray for God to provide all the expenses for the various summer camps this year.
  • Pray for the elderly people and for growth and more impact of the project that is reaching them.
  • Pray for the street cleaners that come every week for tea and coffee at the church.
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