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Mihai in Moldova continues to see God’s hand move in many ways. God has honored the Men Zone ministry, Narnia teen group, and Imago Dei Church. Christmas was a time full of precious gifts. Right before Christmas, there was a dinner for the Men Zone. This included fellowship and a lot of gift giving. Young men from Imago Dei church attended, sharing their stories. The Lord graciously allowed the team to be able to give out Christmas packages to the participants of Men Zone.

The Men Zone Christmas gathering was a success. God ended up blessing the team more than they imagined. The team visited a nearby fire department. Gifts, as well as the Gospel, were given. Firefighters showed up with their families. Therefore, the team was able to give gifts to the firefighters. In fact, a total of 86 gifts! The team surprised the fire department with a coffee machine. Much like the Men Zone dinner, the fire fighter gathering was another blessing.

The team takes time acknowledging all ages and cultures. Street cleaners and less fortunate families were also invited to the Christmas event. A special Christmas table was prepared for them. As they arrived, all faces radiated with much appreciation and gratitude. The less fortunate families were overwhelmed with love. The families received gifts, but also quality time and love.

God’s glory continues to be revealed in Moldova as more events occur. The Narnia project for teenagers is growing rapidly. The teenagers in this project began attending Sunday services. The young adults surprised the congregation at Imago Dei as they performed. In the Narnia project, they rehearsed to bless members of the Church. The team continues to be amazed to see how God is working. The Lord consistently provides physically and spiritually for those in need in Moldova through the ministry of Imago Dei.


Imago Dei ministries focuses on church planting and discipleship as a way to reach their community in Moldova for Christ.

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  • Pray for the firefighters that members of the church meet with regularly.
  • Pray for God to provide all the expenses for the various summer camps this year.
  • Pray for the elderly people and for growth and more impact of the project that is reaching them.
  • Pray for the street cleaners that come every week for tea and coffee at the church.
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