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About IAMoneworld

From the IAMoneworld team: IAMoneworld is a collaborative effort to produce fresh, innovative, and gospel-driven creative projects together with fellow artists/musicians, creative missionaries, and gospel-centered churches. Team members are from all over the world, with artists from the U.S., Peru, the Netherlands, and Spain, just to name a few!

This ministry is based on the observation that in today’s world, creative art that reflects authenticity and passion is one of the most powerful ways to tell a story and to communicate the truth. By combining the power of creative art with equally creative social media strategies, IAMoneworld seeks to reach as many people as possible, through as many creative means as possible. This includes more conventional uses of media (like videos of testimonies) apologetical topics, and promotional videos for churches and missionaries; but, it also includes music, painting, and creative writing. The ministry puts all of these mediums to use in service to the church, and in witness to the world.

The end goal of IAMoneworld is to reach all nations, by building relationships through the many doors that art and media can open up. This includes both live events and online platforms. Through these avenues, the team is able to follow up with people who contact them in response to creative projects seeking to know more about the truth. They have a group of people available to build relationships online, do discipleship, and work to get people connected with local churches.

Meet the Leader: Ingrid (Bo)

Ingrid (Bo) is a Dutch national, videographer, musician, and creative artist who originally came to Spain "for the weather," while still embedded in the New Age movement. While in Spain, she had a life-changing encounter with the Creator of all things, and realized that she had to begin using her creative talents to serve Him. This experience caused her to look into the Word of God and come to faith in Jesus Christ. Since then, she has worked to establish IAMoneworld, a faith-based creative ministry located in El Campello, Spain, and the platform for a community of gospel-driven artists who use their creative gifts to point to the love of the Creator of all, the only One Who can give life, peace, and salvation to everyone who seeks Him. IAMoneworld seeks to use the power of art to open up gospel conversations, communicate gospel truth, and bring glory and worship to the one true God.

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    • That God would continually be guiding the creative work, and opening up doors for the gospel.
    • That God would help them to form fruitful gospel partnerships with churches and individuals around the world.
    • That God would provide the finances they need to expand their reach and tell more people about His love.

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