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Teachers Vital to Quality of Education


The energetic teachers at Hope International School (HIS) in Myanmar have a big job. Not only do they get to teach the little ones their numbers and letters, they get to teach them about Jesus.

Two Main Goals at HIS

HIS has two main goals in making their students effective and prepared for the world ahead of them.

1. Teach Them English. This is so that the kids will be able to study abroad, get access to good Christian resources, and speak the "language of success" as they call it in Myanmar.

2. Teach Them About God's Word. Even though students may not come to know Christ as their savior while they are students at HIS, the teachers want to plant seeds in their little lives so that one day they have a biblical foundation to look back upon.

Teachers Help Maintain Good Quality of Education

Plus, in addition to these goals, HIS has to maintain the good quality of education that attracts families to the school in the first place. So, hiring top-notch teachers is of utmost importance. All the teachers are God-fearing, gifted, and qualified teaching professionals. So you can get a taste of who they hire, here's more about the new teacher at HIS:

New teacherMy name is Miss Thang Gel Huai.  l was born into a Christian family in a small town in Chin State of Myanmar in 1992.  So I was privileged to learn Bible stories since my childhood. As my parents are devoted Christians, I was taught how to pray and read the word of God during family devotions.

In I998, my family moved to Yangon to start a ministry. I came to have personal faith in Christ and was baptized in 2002.  After earning a B.Sc. (Zoology) from University of Dagon in 2009, I continued in my education to receive a certificate of English language, a certificate of Intermediate Spoken and Written English, and certificate of Discipleship in Mission. I even had the privilege of studying in Australia for a short time!

I've also spent time working at the Myanmar International Airport, as a kindergarten teacher, and a data collector.  I see that all of this has prepared me for working at Hope International School, where I've been since June, 2016. 

As I always enjoyed working with children in the past, I find my time with HIS great joy and blessing.  Making crafts and drawing pictures are my favorite parts in childcare.  Telling stories to children is always fun and valuable time-spending for early childhood development.  I have found that teaching children is the most amazing experience in my life.  

I feel and also believe that I am called to children ministry where I can help and care for young children to help them develop as Christ followers.  In the future, I am determined to continue to study more about childcare education development.

To God be the glory.


Hope International School provides an opportunity for teachers and Christian students to share the hope of Christ with non-believing students and parents.

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  • Pray that God would provide Hope International School with the funds to build a new school on its own campus.
  • Pray for the hearts of the children to be open to the gospel.
  • Pray for the non-believing parents and families to be impacted for Christ.
  • Pray that God would continue to provide the funding to pay the teachers.
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