Summer School Looks Like So Much Fun!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, here are 37 photos from summer school at Hope International School (HIS)! From the looks of it, they had a good time.

Summer school started in March with 80 students enrolled, from ages 3 to 13. As usual, HIS has many students coming from different backgrounds and religions. Lydia, the founder of the school said they enjoyed getting to know these kids and their parents as well.

HIS has a two-fold vision they strive for: Teach English and share the Gospel.

English Attracts Students From All Backgrounds

Teaching English as a part of a solid and well-rounded curriculum helps attract families from all backgrounds to the school. Lydia, the school’s founder said that often they have children from non-Christian homes enrolling in HIS because their parents want more than anything for their kids to learn English at a young age—even if that means they have to go to a Christian school to learn it.

Sharing the Gospel is the Ultimate Goal

Sharing the gospel is, of course, the ultimate goal, though. During summer school (which happens from March through June in Myanmar), the kids attend chapel every morning where they hear the Gospel, sing songs, and also memorize verses from the Bible.

The Bible is woven through every facet of education at the school because the teachers’ desire is that students learn from a biblical worldview.

HIS recently had a storytelling competition for Level 3 students who told stories from the Bible such as Joshua and the Battle of Jericho, Joseph the Dreamer, and the First Christmas, to name a few.

About Hope International School

Hope International School has been impacting young minds for Christ in Myanmar since March 2015. International schools like Hope provide a unique opportunity to impact the community because they stand out in the crowd.

Parents who seek out these schools know the Christian foundation of the school and appreciate the quality of education their kids receive. This situation turns into an opportunity for teachers and Christian students to share the hope of Christ with the students and parents—many of whom are Buddhist or otherwise unbelieving.

In addition to the basics like math and reading, the kids have a key opportunity to learn English, which the Burmese view as the language of success. Parents are eager to have their little ones learn English at a young age. Hope International School staff said they've heard that some Buddhist parents even ask their kids to pray at home in English so they can hear how much they've learned. Praise the Lord for how Hope International teaches kids to pray to the one true God and to understand His Word.

One of the additional goals of Hope International is to provide education for students who don’t have the financial resources to attend other schools in Myanmar. This is an additional opportunity to serve and share the love of Christ with others who need it. Hope International School opened for pre-K and kindergarten in 2015 and plans to add one grade each year. Right now, Hope International School shares a building with Faith Baptist Theological Seminary, but Hope's future goals include purchasing their own building as the school grows.

Meet the Founder: Lydia San Lun

Lydia San Lun is passionate about reaching the next generation of kids in her country for Christ! After attending an American Bible college, Lydia went back to her home country—Myanmar— to found Hope International School in 2015. HIS began with a preschool class and a kindergarten class, and the hope was to add one grade each year. And God has been faithful to bring God-fearing staff and new kids to do it.

Lydia teaches at the school and still leads the school in curriculum development, teacher training, and administration. Lydia knows the impact that a solid education in English and the Bible can have on Burmese children, so she's praying for God to use HIS mightily for His glory!

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