Summer English Story Telling Competition Has an Impact

Story telling

We told you summer school in Myanmar was fun! Especially at Hope International School where the students get to learn about Jesus alongside the rest of their curriculum.

But summer school students all across the country of Myanmar recently got together for a fun story telling competition as the grand finale to their summer school session. The competition theme? English fairy tales!

Competition Has a Wide Scope

More than 130 students from different schools all across Myanmar competed in the competition. Kids ages 6–13 were able to participate. Hope International School sent five of their own students to compete!

story telling girl

The students had to learn popular English fairy tales and tell them in front of a live audience. Stories included The Goose with the Golden Egg, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Selfish Giant, and The Lost Little Lamb.

Hope students didn’t win any prizes this time, but their participation in the story telling competition still has an impact.

Competition Impacts Students

Participating in such a competition has a manifest impact. First, for the students who participated, they gained confidence and experience being in front of an audience. They also got to strengthen their English language skills which will, Lord willing, have an eternal impact on their lives. That’s because in Myanmar, Christian leaders and teachers know that there are not many solid Christian resources in the Burmese—the language of Myanmar. But there are many many resources available in English. The goal at Hope International School is to teach the kids English from a young age so that they are able to access those resources on their own later in life.

The competition also had an impact beyond Hope International School. Everyone from HIS got to be a witness for Christ in that place. Let’s pray for the hearts they touched and lives they reached!

Hope International School has been impacting young minds for Christ in Myanmar since March 2015. International schools like Hope provide a unique opportunity to impact the community because they stand out in the crowd.

Parents who seek out these schools know the Christian foundation of the school and appreciate the quality of education their kids receive. This situation turns into an opportunity for teachers and Christian students to share the hope of Christ with the students and parents—many of whom are Buddhist or otherwise unbelieving.

In addition to the basics like math and reading, the kids have a key opportunity to learn English, which the Burmese view as the language of success. Parents are eager to have their little ones learn English at a young age. Hope International School staff said they've heard that some Buddhist parents even ask their kids to pray at home in English so they can hear how much they've learned. Praise the Lord for how Hope International teaches kids to pray to the one true God and to understand His Word.

One of the additional goals of Hope International is to provide education for students who don’t have the financial resources to attend other schools in Myanmar. This is an additional opportunity to serve and share the love of Christ with others who need it. Hope International School opened for pre-K and kindergarten in 2015 and plans to add one grade each year. Right now, Hope International School shares a building with Faith Baptist Theological Seminary, but Hope's future goals include purchasing their own building as the school grows.

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