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I want to help the ordinary kids. Not the rich kids or the people that have money. I want to reach kids who come from rough backgrounds. I want to see these kids changed and I want others to notice it so they'll be interested in what we do. That's what I love most.

Lydia, the founder of Hope International School, was raised in a prominent Christian family in Myanmar, but it wasn’t until she attended youth camp as a teen that the Lord revealed to her the true meaning of salvation. It was there that she committed to serve God with her life. During this period of her life, God also provided for Lydia to attend a private international school where she was fully introduced to learning the English language. When she was 17, through several kind supporters, God provided for her to continue her studies in the United States where she earned her B.S. and Master of Arts in Bible. After graduating with her M.A., Lydia returned to Myanmar where she taught English in various settings for several years and spent time 

Then the opportunity came. The government of Myanmar partly legalized the presence of private schools, so there became incredible opportunities for teachers to reach out to students.

Lydia and husband Sinwal

Lydia and her husband Sinwal, a professor at Faith Baptist Theological Seminary

Lydia saw this opportunity and decided to make her passion for these kids a reality by starting a school that teaches them the purpose of their existence from a biblical perspective, instilling values that teach them to bless others and eventually, impact the next generation for Jesus.

She opened Hope International School with pre-K and kindergarten in 2015 and plans to add a grade each year.

We didn't want to start the school with grade five or six. It's hard to encourage change in kids at that age. The young ages are best. They are easy to shape and mold and this is when they can learn languages.

The young kids at Hope International have the opportunity to learn English, which is often called the language of success in Myanmar. Parents love that their kids learn it young and Lydia knows the kids are more likely to remember what they learn.

To this day the things I still remember were from when I went to Sunday school when I was young. I want to plant a seed in these kids' lives. Maybe they won't come back tomorrow or next year, but the seed is there and God can provide someone else to make it grow.


Hope International School provides an opportunity for teachers and Christian students to share the hope of Christ with non-believing students and parents.

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  • Pray that God would provide Hope International School with the funds to build a new school on its own campus.
  • Pray for the hearts of the children to be open to the gospel.
  • Pray for the non-believing parents and families to be impacted for Christ.
  • Pray that God would continue to provide the funding to pay the teachers.
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