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Dreams for a Campus Becoming Reality

new campus

As Myanmar national laborers dig the foundation on the newly purchased land for a campus, we have to thank God for his sovereign hand to provide.

In February 2021, the Myanmar coup led to attacks, arrests, and threats throughout the country. No one at Hope International School thought then that their prayer for a campus of their very own would ever be answered with a yes after that. But God knew!

(Until now, Hope International School has been sharing space with Faith Baptist Theological Seminary. But, they don't have enough room there to continue to grow and the campus isn't strategically located for parents.)

Coup Frees Up Laborers

Lydia, director of Hope International School, said, "By the grace of God, dreams of a campus for Hope International School are becoming a reality. We are starting by faith and will hopefully have the main building (for classrooms) completed by the end of the year. We are trying to move quickly with this project, as the current political situation has freed up laborers, who we have been able to hire."

Only God can redeem a coup for His Glory. Let's pray that the laborers who are working on the school will be able to finish soon and also that they would come to trust Jesus for salvation.

land for new campus
building plan

God Provided Online Teachers

Hope International School is finishing up the 2021-2022 school year this March and summer school will run in April and May. (The seasons are a little different in Myanmar than they are in North America.) Classes have been online since the coup and will be until the civil war is over.

Of course, online teaching has brought on a new and tricky dynamic for the school. But God has provided two North American women, Kelsi and Ashlee, who teach the kids virtually from the States during their morning, which is evening in Myanmar.

Lydia said, "The students have improved and are enjoying the classes tremendously."

How to Pray

outhouse example
Example of an outhouse they hope to build


Hope International School provides an opportunity for teachers and Christian students to share the hope of Christ with non-believing students and parents.

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  • Pray that God would provide Hope International School with the funds to build a new school on its own campus.
  • Pray for the hearts of the children to be open to the gospel.
  • Pray for the non-believing parents and families to be impacted for Christ.
  • Pray that God would continue to provide the funding to pay the teachers.
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