About Hurricane Matthew Relief

Whole cities have been wiped out after Hurricane Matthew swept over Haiti.

Over 1,000 Haitians have died so far as a result of the hurricane.

Now people are suffering from cholera due to the contaminated water systems and extremely unsanitary conditions. People are dying from this dreaded sickness and it is expected that many more will die in the weeks ahead. The greatest needs now are for food, clean water, tarps, and shelter. Of course all this help is a platform from which to show the love of Christ and to share the gospel, which is truly their greatest need above all others.

Live Global has people on the ground delivering rice, beans, clothing, and water purification to the most affected areas in Haiti.  Because of the mountainous region and very rugged roads, it is very difficult to get help to the people living there and we are some of the few people able to get there to help. The locals even call this area the “end of the earth.”

We are going there with Baptist Haiti Mission to get these Haitians the desperately needed resources they need in order to survive. Almost all of their small gardens were destroyed and many livestock were killed by the hurricane. The stench from dead animals everywhere is incredible.

We need to do everything that we can to raise more funds. The goal is $100,000 to care for physical and spiritual needs in Haiti. Timing is critical for many who are beginning to face a secondary crisis of long-term nutrition, ways of earning income, and clean water due to water sources that have been polluted by flooding or salt water from storm surges.

Many people before the Haiti hurricane were living on just one meal a day. Now provisions are far worse. People are living under tarps in very unsanitary conditions. Please prayerfully consider helping and give generously if you can.

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