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Grace Ministry Center with Pastor Predestin

Dominican Republic
Grace ministry center
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About Grace Ministry Center with Pastor Predestin

As tensions in Haiti have grown, God gave Pastor Predestin the idea to expand his ministry impact into the Dominican Republic. The DR is is right "next door" to his primary ministry home, Haiti. Here in the Dominican, Pastor Predestin can safely train pastors, many of whom are Haitian. He can run another orphanage (his heart's primary passion). And he can pursue for-profit business ventures to fund his orphanage work.

Property in the Dominican Republic has been purchased as the location of Grace Ministry Center. The income from the crops produced on this lush farmland, and the livestock sold, will eventually make this center self-sustaining.

Grace Ministry Center will consist of an orphanage, primary school, vocational school, and medical clinic. The land itself will be a source of employment for the surrounding communities.

Meet the Pastor: Predestin

Pastor Predestin began his ministry in Haiti in 2010, after an earthquake devastated the country and left many children orphans. My Father's House Orphanage is still in operation today. Fueled by uncertainties in Haiti and a desire to provide for the children in his care, Pastor Predestin decided to venture next door to the Dominican Republic. Here he desires to run self-sustaining ministries and for-profit ventures to fund his ministries in Haiti. He also sees the Dominican Republic as an opportune place to train pastors, which he does often as part of his ministry to the local church.

Pastor Predestin has a wife and kids, and has a passion to show kids the love of God and tell them the love of God.

Make a Difference

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  • Ask God to provide the financial means to build the ministry center Pastor Predestin has envisioned.
  • Ask God to raise up many Dominican and Haitian pastors through Pastor Predestin's pastoral training initiatives in the DR.
  • Ask God to provide for the children at My Father's House Orphanage in Haiti and the new orphanage Pastor Predestin desires to build in the DR. Ask God to give them their physical needs but also to bring them to a saving knowledge of the Lord, which is their even bigger need
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