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Serving One Another in the Hills

hill tribe ministry in thailand

Many unreached people of different ethnic groups live high in the hill tribes of Thailand. Pastor Kiatisak leads Grace Ministries, which focuses on planting churches and ministries in these areas where people have not heard about Jesus.

While Pastor Kiatisak calls his church in Bangkok home, he's created a ministry team of pastors and leaders to lead churches, orphanages, and other outreach ministries in the rural hills. Ministry has looked different for everyone since the pandemic, but Pastor Kiatisak is encouraged by what they're still able to do.

"The ministry at our hill tribes churches are doing well and seem to me that they are staying safe and better than those of us in the city," he said.

The two orphanages in the hill tribes have been open since June, and despite the fact that almost 40 kids stopped coming to school because their parents are afraid of the Coronvirus, they still have 63 kids in classes.

The Grace Ministries network also had an opportunity to serve one another when a storm devastated the roof of one of the churches in a neighboring country. A team went to the border to meet with the army leader and asked permission to go for 4-5 days to the village to put up a new roof of the church. Praise the Lord for His provision and safety while they accomplished their mission!


God is using Grace Ministries in Bankok, Thailand to bring the gospel to the "forgotten people" in poor areas and tribes along the borders of Thailand.

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  • Pray that the Christian leaders from tribal areas will be trained well at each of the upcoming conferences
  • That the 100 children in the orphanage program come to know Jesus as their savior
  • Pray for God's Word to spread among the hill tribes in Thailand and beyond
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