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Not Enough Space!

not enough space

It's really a good problem when there's not enough space at your church. It means people are hearing God's Word, being saved, and developing a relationship with Him.

This is the case at a Grace Ministries church in Thailand!

Grace Ministries Church Expands Over the Years

Grace Ministries is a church network and church leadership training ministry. One of the Thai pastors they have worked with is Pastor Chatri. He is almost 60 years old, and the Lord has used Pastor Chatri mightily for His kingdom! Pastor Chatri planted a church in 1990 and since then has seen God multiply his efforts.

Today, the church has more than 300 members and regular attendees. There are 200 kids in the Christian daycare run by the church. There are 3 outreach Bible centers. And even 3 additional church plants that grew out of Pastor Chatri's efforts at his own church.

And now, they are all saying, "There is not enough space!" What a great problem to have.

Praying for Next Steps

Pastor Chatri, with the guidance of Grace Ministries, is praying for a new building with space for 600 people. The area where the church is located is growing for economic advantages there. Many people from the hill tribes are moving to this area.

Let's pray for God to move. That He would provide land and a bigger building for this church. And that God would add many more Thai people to His kingdom as a result.


God is using Grace Ministries in Bankok, Thailand to bring the gospel to the "forgotten people" in poor areas and tribes along the borders of Thailand.

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Make a Difference

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  • Pray that the Christian leaders from tribal areas will be trained well at each of the upcoming conferences
  • That the 100 children in the orphanage program come to know Jesus as their savior
  • Pray for God's Word to spread among the hill tribes in Thailand and beyond
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