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New Church Plant in Myanmar

There is a new work of church planting happening in an area in Myanmar. This is exciting fruit from Pastor Kamon’s network of churches. These missionaries, Pastor Anon, and his family, are supported by local churches in Thailand, sent out from them to do this work. Because Pastor Anon and his wife grew up among the people where they are serving, they already have influence among the village leaders and are well known and loved. Due to the prevalence of drug use in this area, there is a high risk of danger. But Pastor Anon and his family have continued to show faithfulness to the work God has called them to do.

Please pray for Pastor Anon and his family - that God would continue to protect them, that God would continue to save people, and that He would greatly multiply their ministry among these people.


God is using Grace Ministries in Bankok, Thailand to bring the gospel to the "forgotten people" in poor areas and tribes along the borders of Thailand.

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  • Pray that the Christian leaders from tribal areas will be trained well at each of the upcoming conferences
  • That the 100 children in the orphanage program come to know Jesus as their savior
  • Pray for God's Word to spread among the hill tribes in Thailand and beyond
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