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The Multi-Faceted Grace Ministries

Grace Ministries

The Lord answered my prayer and gave me a fast way into more areas to share the gospel and taught me how I should train more believers who have a heart for lost souls and willing to give their life to the Lord. Thank the Lord for good numbers of men, husbands, and wives willing to come for training and serve the Lord as a team with me for church planting among the tribal people groups of Thailand and Asia—Pastor Kistisak Siripanadorn

Pastor Kistisak Siripanadorn, the founder of Grace Ministries and pastor at Grace Baptist Church, faithfully serves the Lord in Thailand and has a heart to see the gospel spread to the borders of Thailand and beyond. The ministry calls Grace Baptist Church in Bankok home base and from there extends into Myanmar, China, and Laos. Grace Ministries is a multi-faceted evangelism and discipleship ministry, focusing on several key strategies.

Church Planting in Thailand

Pastor Kistisak said, "My burden as the Lord gave it to me was to build up 10–12 young believers at Grace Baptist Church to reach out to the million of buddies in Bangkok. 

"My second burdened to bring the gospel to the "forgotten people" in the poor areas and the tribes along the borders of Thailand in a fast way. Thank you to the Lord for His wisdom in leading us to do His will and for giving us ideas while we only had 3–4 full time ministry workers." 

Open Doors in Myanmar

Grace Ministries has sent out an Akha couple as their first missionaries to open areas in Myanmar along the Thai border. Praise and thank the Lord that a new church has established and that Pastor Kistisak and his wife Aheo have reached out to many villages, not only Akha, but to other tribes in those areas too.   

Reaching Hopeless Hill Tribes

Several believers from Grace Ministries have been reaching out to many border areas and meet with many pastors who are doing the same ministry bringing the hopeless hill tribes to the Lord. They are meeting with more pastors from the borders of West Thailand and Myanmar, Myanmar and China, and Myanmar-Laos-Thailand. Most of the pastors and evangelists are serving today at these new areas that were controlled by communists before, but are now controlled by drugs.   

Today many of our evangelists have been moved  to those areas for church planting to evangelizing at villages.           

Tribal Leadership Training

We must work the works of him who sent me while it is day; night is coming, when no one can work. (John 9:4)

Pastor Kistisak said, "I must work the works of God who has sent me while it is day. I don’t know how long my strength will be ended. But all believers must know that today is the day as the Lord given to us to do His will according to His calling."

LeadersThe ministry of leadership training is divided into groups. The first group is only for full-time pastors and evangelists. The training will be three days every four months. Second group is for men and women who are serving with the pastor at their churches. The training will be three days every four months. Third group is for young men who have received God's call to serve the Lord full time in the future.  

Right now, there are two young man who are staying at our training center to learn God’s word, do practical work with children at the orphanage, and serve at the church during the weekend.  This is our new ministry in 2016.

We are praying that the Lord will help us to fund and run this ministry. We are praying the Lord will prepare young men and women from the hill tribes to replace the pastors and evangelists that are getting older.  Lord willing, I would like to start sometime in 2017 with 5–10 young men if we can get the funding.

Orphanages and Day Care

Akha orphanage: There are 44 children and four full-time staff members serving the Lord among them. 

Red Lahu orphanage: There are 52 children and three full-time staff members serving the Lord among them.

These orphanage kids have an opportunity to learn God’s word each day, memorize Bible verses, read the Bible each day, and to sing and learn new songs. They get homework help and they help clean their bathrooms and bedrooms every day. Some do sports. They all worship at the Sunday worship service at the church.

Spiritual life is our first priority at the orphanage!  Thank the Lord for these kids at the orphanages who came to know the Lord personally. Each one of them is growing in His word and in Jesus Christ. Each year we provide them with VBS classes and camping trips.

Day Care Center:  Since 1994, the Lord has continually blessed the ministry. Now with over 200 kids at Day Care, the church has seen increased numbers of believers. 

Grace Ministries in Bangkok

Grace Ministries does focus a lot on reaching tribal people groups throughout Thailand, but they also reach out to those close to home near Grace Bible Church in Bangkok. Ministries in Bangkok include a student center, free english classes, camps, Bible studies, VBS, and children's ministry.



God is using Grace Ministries in Bankok, Thailand to bring the gospel to the "forgotten people" in poor areas and tribes along the borders of Thailand.

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  • Pray that the Christian leaders from tribal areas will be trained well at each of the upcoming conferences
  • That the 100 children in the orphanage program come to know Jesus as their savior
  • Pray for God's Word to spread among the hill tribes in Thailand and beyond
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