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Protection on the Journey

Life has been tumultuous at Grace Home since the military coup began in February, 2021. Shortly after the coup, an army camp was built near their home, causing great concern. As tensions continued to rise and protests became increasingly violent, it became evident that the children of Grace Home needed to be removed to a place of safety. Thankfully, most of the children have relatives that live outside of that town (where the hostilities are not as severe),  so Biak and Esther began making plans to get the children out of the city. 

The Dangerous Journey

The trip was incredibly dangerous, but by God’s grace they were able to safely reunite most of the orphans with family.  As an added blessing, Biaksang and Esther were able to visit his parents on their trip. Biaksang had not seen his parents since his marriage to Esther in 2013, and it was a joy to be able to introduce his young children to their grandparents. 

After reuniting the orphans with relatives and visiting family, Biak and Esther expressed their desire to return to their town. They expressed their desire to continue their ministry and encourage their congregation, but faced opposition from their church and relatives, who believed it was too dangerous for them to safely return and resume their outreach. Since Myanmar culture considers it very disrespectful to go against family wishes, Biak and Esther decided to wait—praying for God to change the minds of their family so that they might return. 

Returning to Grace Home for Ministry

Their family finally relented, and Biak and Esther were able to return to Grace Home with two orphans who do not have any family to care for them, as well as a teammate who wished to continue the work of teaching the children in the slums. 

The situation is still precarious, but Biak firmly believes that he is where God has called him.

He shares, “It is our commitment to spend our life to be [a] witness for Jesus among the [unreached]. After my family [returned to our town], I alone can visit the children and my congregation to encourage them. It is our goal to win them to be a follower of Jesus one day, [so that] one day all of them will be with us in Jesus forever.”

The need for the hope of the Gospel in Myanmar is great. Please pray for Biaksang and Esther, as well as the team that is left, as they continue to spread the message of hope that can be found in Jesus to the people of their city. 

Prayer requests

  1. The safety of family life and spiritual life
  2. The safety of the church congregation 
  3. The safety of people at the slum and that they will know Jesus soon
  4. For peace in Myanmar and the revival of the country
*To protect the security and identity of the individuals serving in this context, we have changed their names online and in some cases use photos that are representative.


Biak and Esther have started this ministry to give kids a safe place to live, learn, grow, and (most importantly) hear about God's love as a Father.

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Make a Difference

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  • For God to provide land, a building, and desks in the slum that they can use on their outreaches
  • That God would provide a car that Biak and Esther can use to transport their family and even orphanage kids around the city and to the slum
  • That God would help them to continue their evangelistic outreaches (food, transportation, and Gospel booklets)
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