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One Tree. Five Adults. Twenty Children.


Around the time a new school year begins, rainy season soaks into the region of Myanmar where Grace Care reaches the next generation. God is working where Biak and Esther gather twenty children before making home visits to meet with parents and pray for the sick. In an area susceptible to floods and often submerged in heavy downpours, thousands of families deal with poor housing conditions. Physical and spiritual needs open doors of opportunity to provide primary school education and create relationships in the community. A small team of five grownups, “Conduct classes in open air and under trees depending on the weather.” Three of the five adults are volunteers, “Engaged in our work with full devotion, although they [are] unpaid.” With one tree, five grownups, and twenty children, God is working.

Children served by Grace Care, “Are from destitute families living without proper food and nutrition.” Online learning isn’t an option in homes like theirs where a daily meal may consist of grasses, insects, and fishes found in muddy ponds. As leaders look to begin school in September, they plan to use teaching time for basic English (an essential trade language tool), Mathematics, Scriptural Storytelling, Music, and a wholesome meal.

“We will not regret to seize these chances to have them taught the love of God.”

Esther - LG National Partner

They dream of serving 200 children easily within reach. They pray for a day when God will give them a piece of land and a building to rise out of the rain-soaked land, where students will come to learn and have their physical and spiritual needs met. For now, they ask God to help the five of them teach and reach the twenty children under the one tree.

*To protect the security and identity of the individuals serving in this context, we have changed their names online and in some cases use photos that are representative.


Biak and Esther have started this ministry to give kids a safe place to live, learn, grow, and (most importantly) hear about God's love as a Father.

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  • For God to provide land, a building, and desks in the slum that they can use on their outreaches
  • That God would provide a car that Biak and Esther can use to transport their family and even orphanage kids around the city and to the slum
  • That God would help them to continue their evangelistic outreaches (food, transportation, and Gospel booklets)
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