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What a year it has been for the ministry of Biak and Esther at Grace Home in Myanmar! Despite the many challenges that COVID-19 has presented, including one of the worst rises in cases this past month, Biak and his family, as well as the children at Grace home, remain healthy. Because of the pandemic situation, however, anyone wishing to leave their immediate neighborhood must currently obtain an “out-pass”: a slip of paper issued by the Chief or authority in the neighborhood to allow people to travel. Traveling outside of one’s neighborhood without a pass can result in fines or jail, but thankfully Grace Home has been able to obtain two passes—one for shopping, and another for general needs. 

Restrictions have recently been relaxed to allow thirty people to gather as long as they are able to maintain social distancing norms. Because of this, Biak and his wife have been able to open their home to resume small worship services. Unfortunately this does not allow their entire congregation to meet at once, but since it is unlikely that they will be able to resume normal worship services any time soon, they are thankful for the opportunity to be able worship in person this way.

Schools are still closed, but the mission work to the children in the slums has been able to continue despite the current lockdown situation as long as they follow restriction protocol and remain cautious in their presentation of the Gospel, since Buddhism is very strong in the area. Biak and Esther are currently planning to have two Christmas parties this month (one in each location where they are currently serving), where the children can bring their families to celebrate! They are also planning on distributing 4,000 Gospel booklets this month!

Prayer Requests

1. The spiritual life of Biak and Esther and their family. 

2. Continued protection from COVID. 

3. Funding for the Christmas parties( 50 families at one location and another 50 families at another place) at the slum area.  

5. Provision for land and a school building at the slum area soon. 

6. Provision of a vehicle for the ministry soon.


Biak and Esther have started this ministry to give kids a safe place to live, learn, grow, and (most importantly) hear about God's love as a Father.

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  • For God to provide land, a building, and desks in the slum that they can use on their outreaches
  • That God would provide a car that Biak and Esther can use to transport their family and even orphanage kids around the city and to the slum
  • That God would help them to continue their evangelistic outreaches (food, transportation, and Gospel booklets)
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