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A Ministry House for Street Kids

There are 3,000 kids playing—and living—on the streets in Pathein, Myanmar. They and their families represent an unreached people group living near the orphanage that Live Global partner Biak and his wife are directors of. Biak and his wife Esther have a heart—and a plan—to extend their ministry beyond the walls of their orphanage and on to the street.

The Goal

The goal is to preach the Gospel to an unreached people group by reaching the kids on the street first. By God's grace, the children will trust Jesus and get a good education. In the future, they will be the witness of Jesus and a good model to other people in their life.

The Plan

Beginning with 30 kids, Esther and their ministry team plan to teach the kids subjects like English, math, music, and stories from Scripture. They will teach a Bible curriculum called 99 Adventures in the Bible's Big Story to children between the ages of three and nine (children living in the slums typically begin working by the age of ten). With a building and adequate transportation and staff, they would be able to teach five days a week to 100-200 children.

Esther teaching the children

The expectation is that these kids will bring others to the classes and share what they're learning with their families, causing multi-generational education and Gospel teaching.

The Outcome

It's our prayer that God would save the students who join Esther’s classes and grow them in Godly living and as witnesses throughout Myanmar and the world. Since they will also get a quality education alongside Bible teaching, we expect many of them to go to higher education schools in the future and get influential jobs, which will cause them to be natural leaders in their communities.

The Needs

Right now, Biak and Esther’s team have no building to host the classes they desire to teach, and as such are only able to teach classes twice a week. During the rainy season or when the weather is very hot, they are unable to teach at all. It would cost $23,000 to purchase property and build a school, and $2,000 to furnish the building. Once adequate funds are in place, the construction process will be able to move quickly, and the building could be ready for students within one month from breaking ground. Because of covid-19 and the rainy season, land is also very inexpensive, so now is the perfect time to buy. 

There is also a need for adequate transportation. Biak and his wife own a motorbike, but it has become impossible for both of them to travel at the same time since growing their family. With a vehicle that could transport five to seven people, they would be able to transport their entire family, in addition to some of the extra staff needed to assist.  A large, used vehicle costs $25,000.

The Challenge

Would you like to be a part of what God is doing in Pathein, Myanmar through this ministry to street kids? Consider helping Biak and his team purchase this land and a vehicle so that they can effectively minister to the next generation and an unreached people group.

Girls working on assignments
*To protect the security and identity of the individuals serving in this context, we have changed their names online and use photos that are representative.


Biak and Esther have started this ministry to give kids a safe place to live, learn, grow, and (most importantly) hear about God's love as a Father.

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  • For God to provide land, a building, and desks in the slum that they can use on their outreaches
  • That God would provide a car that Biak and Esther can use to transport their family and even orphanage kids around the city and to the slum
  • That God would help them to continue their evangelistic outreaches (food, transportation, and Gospel booklets)
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