What Is Global Partnership?

Global partnership is when you (Partner A) find a partner (Partner B) and come alongside them with the skills and resources God has given you.

The concept of global partnership starts with a simple belief: God is at work—in amazing ways—in our world. He hasn’t left us on our own, and He has given us a job to do.

There is one mission that God has given to all of us: make disciples of all nations (Matt. 28:19). But, to carry out that mission, God has given each of us unique roles. Here enters the concept of global partnership.

Your Role in the Global Partnership: The Barnabas

Let’s start with you. God has saved you and given you a passion to share His good news with others. You live in the United States. You probably speak English. You want to be a part of what God is doing across the globe.

Maybe you don’t feel called to move to a new country be a missionary. So can you make an impact without doing missions the traditional way?

We have great news for you. The answer is “YES!” We want you to be a Barnabas—a learner, a servant, and an equipper.

God is at work already in incredible ways around the world. And He’s often using national believers to do the work. We call those national believers the “In Country Pauls.”

As Westerners, we sometimes experience limitations. Raising support and learning another language and culture can be a hurdle for a lot of people. It takes a lot of resources. Also, due to the political situations of many countries and unreached areas around the world, North Americans aren’t always invited to do missions wherever there is a need. While God is using traditional missions in so many ways, it’s not the only way we can make a difference.

Your New Friend in the Global Mission: The In-Country Paul

In many parts of the world, Christianity is spreading through the work of national believers. We call them “In-Country Pauls.” As a result of decades of faithful missionaries and Gospel sharers in the past, national believers have launched their own ministries. These national believers are uniquely equipped to reach their own people and those nearby because they already know the language and culture.

They’re able to meet people you and I may never meet.

They have influence in a way we might never have.

God has put them where they are and given them the role of evangelizing their country and their people with the good news of Jesus. And it’s working. They’re planting churches, running orphanages and schools, training others, and serving Christ as his hands and feet.

But sometimes these nationals lack resources. They often don’t have many people to pray for their work (because the church is often new or still small in their countries). They sometimes need resources to meet their financial needs to further the mission.

The one thing they lack is what we North Americans usually have in abundance.

We can pray. And often, we can give.

That will look different for each of us. It’s all dependent on the role God has given you and me. 

Global Partnership: Working Together for the Same Mission

To put it simply, global partnership is when you (the Barnabas) find a partner (the In Country Paul) and come alongside him or her with the skills and resources God has given you.

How do you find a partner? We’re so glad you asked.

Live Global has long-term friendships with In Country Pauls who are already at work furthering God’s mission in the world. And there is always a need for people like you (the Barnabas) to come alongside them in the mission.

These partners love Jesus and share His love with others in unique ways.

Live Global believes that our role in this great mission is to help you (Barnabas) find your partner (Paul). We make it easy for you to have an impact in whatever role God has given you.

Global partnership is a way you can make a difference! Find a partner at liveglobal.org.