How a Family with a Freeze Dryer Serves Cuba with Eggs

When they bought their freeze dryer, they didn’t understand why they felt compelled to buy it for ministry. But this showed them God’s plan.

When they bought the freeze dryer, Rachel and Matt knew they wanted to use it for ministry but they didn’t know where to start. So at first, Rachel and Matt just used it to have a way to provide for their family even if times got hard. They would use the freeze dryer to dry food when prices went really low. They have used it a lot for eggs, veggies, fruit, meat and even ice cream sandwiches!

But then, their family members Mark and Becky who serve as team members with Live Global approached them about an idea.

The Realities in Cuba

Cuba has undergone some hard days lately due to food shortages, electricity and plumbing outages, and Hurricane Ian. Meat and other sources of protein are especially hard to find. Live Global has national partners who were born and raised in Cuba. They choose to live there still so that they can serve their own people.

People asked one of our partners, Rhode, when she was on a trip to Spain, “You’re really going back to Cuba? But why?” Rhode answered, “God has called me to serve in Cuba and I will continue to do His will there until He shows me otherwise.”

A Trip to Cuba Provides an Opportunity

Mark and Becky knew Rachel and Matt owned a freeze dryer. And Mark and Becky knew they wanted to try to get freeze dried eggs to Rhode and other Live Global partners in Cuba on their next trip.

One tablespoon of egg powder + one tablespoon of water = one egg and it tastes just like a fresh one!

So Mark and Becky approached Rachel and Matt and asked if they would be willing to freeze dry as many eggs as they could before their next trip to Cuba. Of course, Rachel and Matt said “Yes!”

Freeze Drying 50 Dozen Eggs

Rachel and Matt started buying eggs. It takes over 30 hours to freeze dry just one batch. But after days and weeks of work, they had 50 dozen freeze dried eggs. Each one was complete with a label in Spanish and a packet inside that removes oxygen to allow the eggs to stay fresher longer. All together, those 50 dozen eggs were going to make their way on a plane to Cuba with Mark and Becky.

When Rachel and Matt first bought their freeze dryer, they really didn’t understand why they felt compelled to buy it for ministry. But this opportunity showed them God’s plan for this device. Rachel and Matt never had to travel to Cuba to further God’s work in that country. They just worked faithfully at their own home, using the resources God had given them. Through this, national partners in Cuba doing children’s and family ministry, and church planting, were able to receive provisions of protein that will allow them to serve longer and bless others. These national partners will share the eggs as physical provision for people, while also sharing the Good News as a spiritual provision for people too.

What resources do you have in your life God could use for ministry to bless national Christians God is already using to advance the Gospel around the world?