Fun and Faith: 10,000 Cuban Kids Experienced Jesus in an Unforgettable Cuban VBS Adventure

This Spring Rhode spun up a Cuban VBS project to get the Gospel to thousands of children in Cuba this summer and the response was amazing!

This spring our partner Rhode in Cuba spun up a Cuban VBS project with the big goal of getting the Gospel to—we prayed—thousands of children in Cuba through VBS. Our national partner Rhode and her Reaching Generations team would train children’s workers throughout Cuba. Lifeway would make the Twists and Turns VBS curriculum available. Churches and individuals in North America would give to support and enhance the efforts of local churches in Cuba.

Group of Children who particapated in the Cuban VBS

The response to the Cuban VBS has been amazing!

  • Reaching Generations trained children’s workers in over 200 churches throughout all 14 provinces of Cuba. They did both in-person and online training.
  • North American churches raised money through VBS offerings to sponsor the Cuban VBS project.
  • Individuals, couples, and families far and wide also gave for the Cuba VBS initiative.
  • $16,000 was given all together.
  • Those offerings helped to provide snacks, craft supplies, and small gifts for the children who attended VBS.
  • Well over 200 churches in Cuba held their VBS this summer. Those churches are found in large cities and small towns. Some met in church buildings, many met in small houses, and some met in open-air settings.
  • The team estimates that over 10,000 children heard the Gospel through this project.
  • There is no way to estimate the long-lasting and eternal impact of the VBS initiative.
Teacher teaching children during a Cuban VBS

From Cuba: “This will be a game changer.”

One worker from Cuba expressed gratitude and gave God glory:

Twists and Turns VBS has indeed caused twists and turns all over Cuba. As a result, there will be many children who decide to follow Jesus, and this will be a game changer in their lives. Glory to God for that! May this experience be repeated in the future. It is good for people to see that in Cuba the opportunity for so many children to be impacted really does exist. Rhode, please convey our gratitude to those who sowed the seed in the first 50 trainees. That seed has borne fruit a hundredfold. God is to be praised!

Happy Children attending one of the Cuban VBS Groups
Close up of children

From the USA: “They see what God has done in Cuba through the Cuban VBS.”

The project is making a difference in churches like Shiloh Baptist Church in Monroe, NC:

“We talked about how living for Jesus can make a huge impact on those around us and can even touch people across the world. The Cuba VBS initiative was a perfect illustration of that. We explained to the families and kids that what they do for God’s glory here can reach kids more than 800 miles away in another country. Now when they see what God has done in Cuba, it is our prayer that the kids and local families will be even more determined to pray for, give to, and serve in missions both here and abroad. We will be incorporating an international missions component in all we do…from now on,”

Ginger, member of Shiloh Baptist Church, Monroe, NC
Children coloring

Pray for children and churches in Cuba. Pray about how you can partner with Rhode and Reaching Generations to train more Gospel workers.