Hope for the Children of Myanmar

One of the recent arrivals was crying on her bed. “What’s happened to you, little one?” Esther gives hope for the children of Myanmar.

Bath Time

Esther saw that one of the recent arrivals at Grace Care Home was alone on her bed crying. She wondered why the child was so deeply upset. “What’s happened to you, little one?”

The weeping girl replied, “I have no extra clothes to change into, so I cannot take a bath like the other kids.” This is one child’s problem that Biak and Esther can solve through your partnership. They provide hope for the children of Myanmar every day, as they serve as Jesus’ hands and feet at Grace Care and in their community.

The Troubled Children of Chin State

Warfare, poverty, insecurity, displacement, a global pandemic, and loss of family members have ravaged the children of Myanmar during the past two years. It has been especially hard for those living in the Chin State in the westernmost region of the country. Schools have been closed there for a third school year. Parents and other relatives are seeking help and hope for their children. They ask others to take their children away from the conflict zone to more stable areas where they may be able to attend school.

A Ministry of Hope for Children of Myanmar

Biak and Ether help provide food, shelter, and education through their ministry, Grace English Institute and Children’s Home. They reach into areas without learning opportunities by driving their mobile classroom to where the children live. 

Biak is working to provide enough beds for the growing number of children in their home. He has been building bunk beds to save space and money. “We still have 10 children sleeping on the floor.” They need more beds. “It is a great challenge for us to meet the needs of all these lovely kids.”

More than the kids’ physical needs, Biak is burdened by these kids’ spiritual needs.

“Sometimes, I can not sleep well when I am thinking about the number of children without care and orphans because of fighting/war, especially the children who are feeling hungry, physically and mentally, too.”


Help Provide Hope

Please join Biak and Esther in prayer for God to bring hope to the children of Myanmar. Jesus is their Hope and Biak and Esther persist in sharing it. You may partner with their ministry by giving to support a child ($20/month; $180/year) or to add a bunk bed ($180/bunk bed).

A clean change of clothes can bring tangible hope to a crying child, so they’re ready to receive spiritual hope in the Gospel.

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