Christian Radio Station in Cyprus Funded by a Young Boy’s Treasure Box

As Theo and Chrys operate an under-funded Christian radio station in Cyprus, the logic and the facts are saying to close it down; the faith, though, says to continue!

A Gift of Faith

After paying rent, utility bills, and transmitter costs, the Christian radio station in Cyprus’s bank account was nearly empty. Forty euros would not be enough to pay salaries and other urgent expenses. The Sunday sermon Chrys heard was about the Lord feeding over five thousand people with the boy’s five loaves of bread and two small fish. She traveled from Cyprus to Greece carrying a burden and praying for God’s miraculous provision. How would the Lord provide?

For many people in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), the only means they have to hear the Gospel is by radio. Radio broadcasting may be the best hope for reaching out to untold numbers of listeners who know no Christians in areas with no local churches. Theo and Chrys operate a Christian radio station in Cyprus that broadcasts throughout the island, making it possible for everyone to hear the Good News. The coastlines of the eastern Mediterranean region are within reach as well. They broadcast Scripture readings in three languages every night. It is very important to keep operating since theirs may be the only Christian radio station available for some listeners.

When Chrys arrived in Greece, her daughter and grandson met her at the airport. “I have a gift for you, Grandmom, for the radio station.” The boy presented her with a small black box. She looked inside. There were many euros and coins – over € 320. At first, she thought the gift was too precious to receive from the child, but she and Theo talked it over and agreed that it was a great act of faith for their grandson. They received the gift with gratitude.

Generous Faith Encourages

During the next several days, God prompted others to give. A teacher from years past sent an unexpectedly large offering. A young man in their church heard the story of the grandson’s treasure box and felt directed to give a very generous donation for ministry needs. “You can imagine our joy and gratitude to him and to our Lord because he never leaves us or forsakes us!” God provided more than enough for the present needs, and Theo and Chrys know that He will be faithful in the months ahead.

Faith Says Continue

Theo and Chrys often receive letters from listeners thanking them for the broadcasts. God is working through his Word. “I haven’t heard any program like this on any other station. You are unique. You’ve changed my life!” “Please continue this work. Don’t stop.” These words of encouragement came at a time when Theo and Chrys were wondering how to keep the station on the air. “The logic and the facts are saying to close it down; the faith, though, says to continue!”

Please pray for Theo, Chrys, and others who serve with them in the radio ministry. Pray for hearts to be changed by the Gospel. Pray for the Scriptures to reach many listening ears and tender hearts. Pray for God to supply the financial needs through faithful, generous Christians. Learn more about their ministry and find out how you can make a difference to help reach people who have no other means to hear God’s message.