Bible Training by Flashlight

They trek to where there are few followers of Jesus. The believers are hungry the for Bible and Bible training.

How hungry for the Word are you?

Imagine you live in a remote village in the mountains of Asia. It is bitter cold in deep winter.
There is no electricity. Your local culture is not friendly to Christianity. You follow Jesus and
want to learn more about Him and about the Bible. You are hungry for Bible training. You are committed to telling the Gospel story to others who don’t know Jesus. Then a Bible teacher comes over the mountains to visit your village. You are invited to hear him teach in the evening. You walk through the darkness by the light of a flashlight or your mobile phone. Your meeting place has no desks, tables, or chairs. There is no source of heat. You sit on the cold cement floor. Your fellow students are seen by the glow of their own flashlights or phones. How hungry for the Word are you?

Training the hungry in remote places

Bijaya and Bimala carry the Gospel to the least reached people in the farthest and highest
corners of Nepal. They trek to where there are few followers of Jesus. The believers are hungry
for Bible training. Some of the places where Bijaya teaches are in cities and towns with electricity, heat, and comfortable furniture. “These pastors and leaders are hungry for the truth and want to be developed into teachers.” Other places are like the village described above, where the believers show even more impressive commitment. They are hungry for the Word too. “They always gather to learn, even at cold night, in a room without electricity. They really challenge me!”

Are you hungry to help?

Learn how you can pray, give, and go to bless Bijaya and Bimala’s ministry. Pray for pastors, evangelists, and Christ-followers in places with little access to ministry and Bible training. Learn about joining the Live Global Team to serve national partners around the world.