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Humanitarian Aid and Preaching the Gospel in Times of Covid-19

Editor's Note: This letter was sent to Live Global from the GlaDios ministry in Cuba and it's been only slightly edited for English language and security.

In March the first cases of Covid-19 began in Cuba and in less than a month we were already in quarantine, which was very complicated due to food insecurity and the economic situation in the country. Thanks to the help of Live Global and the timely response of the summoned churches, we were able to help more than 400 people with food, medicine, and personal hygiene supplies. We are currently working on this: identifying the most vulnerable areas of the city and acting accordingly. The churches responded to our call with the willingness of their members to come out in the midst of the pandemic, respecting health measures to preach the Gospel in a relevant way.

Working on the Mission of the Local Church

The Gospel continues to expand even in this new reality. The church we're connected with here opened a new mission field in October. With the help of Live Global we have been able to do several actions there (evangelistic and humanitarian events) where Gospel is proclaimed in this new place outside the city.

Work at the Orphanage

In the midst of Covid-19 it is impossible to visit the children of the orphanage since the government does not allow visits to avoid contagion. Even so, we have provided various resources for them such as jams and personal hygiene supplies. We also maintain regular telephone communication with the orphanage director to keep up to date with their most important needs.

It has been a difficult year, but we have seen the hand of God supporting us all the time. We want to thank you, dear brothers and collaborators of Live Global, for your commitment to Cuba and specifically to GlaDios. We understand that you are an instrument of God here and we want honor that commitment of yours, ratifying our commitment to alliance with Live Global. In 2021 we will continue together expanding the Kingdom of God, with our common goals and adding more missionaries to God's plan.


A group of young men from Cuba began GlaDios out of their passion to reach the lost in their country, and similarly minded countries, for Christ.

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  • Resources are hard to come by in Cuba. Pray that God would provide for the needs of the organization and the people involved.
  • That God would give wisdom to the leadership of GlaDios as they continue to disciple and send Cuban missionaries across the country and beyond.
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