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"Thank God for the Beautiful Bible": Testimonies from Bible Correspondence School

Bible correspondence school

"Thank God for the Beautiful Bible"

"I am Ushto. One day I realized that I was a sinner. How can I be saved from sin or go to heaven? I had a great desire to know about this. So, I started going to the [Bible Correspondence School] to learn more. They asked me to read the Bible to know more. I had a big Bible that I was not interested in reading or simply did not want to take anywhere. Ephesians 2:1-10. They told me, 'If you finish the Bible Correpondence School course then we can give you a student Bible and give you a certificate. You will read through this very valuable Bible, and it will be very convenient for you to take it everywhere.'

"Hearing this, I eagerly started doing BCS courses and learned the secret of salvation from sin. Eager to get a new interesting Bible, I quickly completed this course. After completing this course, I was very happy to receive a new Bible. I was so happy to receive this Bible gift through a beautiful graduation. I read the Word of God from the Holy Bible every day.

"When I read my Bible, I think God himself is talking to me every day. I can go everywhere with this Bible and preach the Word of the Lord with ease. Since I have received this beautiful expensive Bible and read the Word of God, I wish that many may receive the Bible through this program and accept Jesus Christ as Savior. Thank God for the beautiful Bible, and especially pray for me and my family to be able to serve the Lord. Thank You."

"Through This I Can Grow as a Believer Every Day"

"I am Lin. My father is a fisherman. I am a regular student of Friendship Bible Class. Before I had no personal student’s Bible. If I had a personal Bible I could read it several times a day and underline it to help me learn better. I will be very interested in receiving a Bible. The word of God will live in my heart. Through Bible verses I will be able to learn more deeply about Jesus.

"I have been able to gain my desired Bible by finishing the courses of Friendship Bible Correspondence School. It took me many days to finish these courses and through this I received more spiritual information about Jesus Christ. I enjoy reading the Word of God and I read the Bible and pray every day before I read the study book. I want to learn more about Jesus from the Bible and do more courses. I want to do the Navigator Courses you have. I believe that through this I can grow as a believer every day. Please pray for me and my family. Thank you."

How to Partner with Friendship Bible Correspondence School

Pastor Ajit, leader of Friendship Ministries in Bangladesh, leads the Friendship Bible Correspondence School where students like Ushto and Lin can hear the Gospel, learn biblical truths from God's Word, and learn how to study the Bible on their own and grow as a faithful follower of Christ.

While Pastor Ajit serves on the frontlines of theological education in Bangladesh, he needs North Americans like you to come alongside him to pray for him and the students, and to provide needed financial resources that will support this school. Because North Americans give, students like Ushto and Lin own a copy of God's Word in their own language and will go on to live lives of faith and fruitful evangelism of others. Will you partner with Pastor Ajit?

*To protect the security and identity of the individuals serving in this context, we have changed their names online and in some cases use photos that are representative.


From a church to a literature library mobile boat, Friendship Ministries is about sharing the love of Jesus and discipling believers throughout Bangladesh.

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  • That God would keep the enemy far from the students in the Bible school. That the students (many of them from Muslim or Hindu backgrounds) would be emboldened to study the Word of God amidst opposition.
  • Pray for people suffering from the effects of natural disasters that destroy their homes and livelihoods. Pray they find help and hope in the one true God.
  • That God would save those who have and will hear the gospel through the many outreaches of Friendship Ministries
  • That the Friendship church would grow in faithfulness to Jesus and in number of those who are being saved
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