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About Friendship Ministries with Pastor Ajit

From a church, to Bible classes, to a literature library mobile boat, Friendship Ministries is about sharing the love of Jesus and discipling believers throughout Bangladesh in strategic ways.

In the 1970s Pastor Salim started small Bible classes in his area, which later became Friendship Bible Church, a blossoming and growing community of believers dedicated to knowing Jesus and making him known. Using this church as a ministry hub, other outreaches like a Jesus Film video program, theology training schools, and even a football (soccer) team have been born to do evangelism throughout the country.

All of it aims to meet needs, meet people, and introduce Jesus to people who don't yet know Him. Now led by Pastor Ajit, Friendship Ministries works “in response to the Great commission to make disciples of Jesus in Bangladesh.”

Latest Updates from Friendship Ministries with Pastor Ajit

Schools, music, seniors, and farms
Schools, Music, Senior Programs, and Farms

What do schools, music, senior programs, and farms have in common? If you ask Pastors Ajit and Salim, these are all ways to reach people for Christ!

"No One Else Is Reaching the Community this Way"

Friendship Ministries finds all kinds of ways to reach all kinds of people in their community with the gospel. One way is through friendship Bible classes.

mobile library boat
Row, Row, Row Your Mobile Library Boat?

The mobile library boat gets loaded with Christian literature and members from Friendship Bible Church take it from community to community along the rivers.

High school
High School Students Hear the Word

High School is truly a fantastic time for lives to be impacted by the gospel. And Live Global's national partners in Bangladesh know all about it.

Bible literature library
Bible Literature Library: How Sosi Met Christ

No one whom I talked with about Jesus wanted to give me any time. So one day I went to the Bible Literature Library. And that's where things changed.

Dead in the trespasses and sins
"And You Were Dead in the Trespasses and Sins"

We asked Pastor Ajit, the Friendship Ministries leader, to share how the Lord saved him from his trespasses and sins many years ago.

Re-thinking Barnes and Noble

Picture a crowded place like Starbucks or Barnes & Noble. This is where people talk. They exchange ideas. Common spaces (especially ones that don’t charge admission) facilitate this sort of interaction. Friendship Ministries (FM) has made a free, coffee shop- style space for people to hang out, read, and talk with one another. This has […]

Friendship football team
Scoring A Different Kind of Goal

What does it mean to “play to win”? It means you think outside the box. It means you work hard to do everything you can to reach the goal. For Friendship Ministries (FM), a “win” is getting people together to share the good news of Jesus. So that’s what they did. They gathered people to […]

Packing Out The Stadium!

What is it about sports that people love so much? Across the globe, one of the best ways to get a group of people together is to do one of two things: Watch a soccer (football) game. Play a soccer (football) game. Recently, the Friendship Ministry (FM) soccer team played three matches over a few […]

Friendship Bible Church
The History of Friendship Bible Church

We set up Friendship Bible Church and Friendship Ministries by the grace of God. Now we have many other smaller outreaches and ministries.

Make a Difference

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Icon for 200 copies of the kitabul Mukkadas 200 copies of the kitabul Mukkadas - $1000 Give Now »
Icon for 300 copies of the injil Sharif (New Testament) 300 copies of the injil Sharif (New Testament) - $750 Give Now »
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  • That God would keep the enemy far from the students in the Bible school. That the students (many of them from Muslim or Hindu backgrounds) would be emboldened to study the Word of God amidst opposition.
  • Pray for people suffering from the effects of natural disasters that destroy their homes and livelihoods. Pray they find help and hope in the one true God.
  • That God would save those who have and will hear the gospel through the many outreaches of Friendship Ministries
  • That the Friendship church would grow in faithfulness to Jesus and in number of those who are being saved
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