Row, Row, Row Your Mobile Library Boat?

mobile library boat

When you live in Bangladesh, in the land of rivers, you have to get creative to reach areas that are only accessible by boat.

The Friendship Ministries Strategy

Friendship Ministries is all about finding a creative way to share Jesus with those who don’t yet know Him. And their mobile library boat was no exception.

The mobile library boat got loaded with Christian literature and members from Friendship Bible Church would take it from community to community along the rivers to let people check out books. They would take it to schools and universities that are surrounded by rivers and detached from the land.

How a Mobile Library Boat Helps in Ministry

Friendship Ministries personnel met with teachers and students to talk to them, build relationships, and even pray with them. They often conducted teaching seminars or meetings in these communities when the mobile library boat was there!

We’re thankful for Friendship Ministries and their creativity in sharing the gospel with the unreached in Bangladesh.

Praying for Another Opportunity

Two years ago, after an accident in which the boat was damaged beyond reasonable repair, the ministry had to sell the boat for salvage and the boat ministry was stopped. Please pray with the Friendship team that in the future an opportunity will come about to allow them to buy another fiberglass boat and begin this outreach once again. It’s an incredible way to reach those accessible only by boat and who have not heard the gospel of salvation.

From a church, to Bible classes, to a literature library mobile boat, Friendship Ministries is about sharing the love of Jesus and discipling believers throughout Bangladesh in strategic ways.

In the 1970s Pastor Salim started small Bible classes in his area, which later became Friendship Bible Church, a blossoming and growing community of believers dedicated to knowing Jesus and making him known. Using this church as a ministry hub, other outreaches like a Jesus Film video program, theology training schools, and even a football (soccer) team have been born to do evangelism throughout the country.

All of it aims to meet needs, meet people, and introduce Jesus to people who don't yet know Him. Now led by Pastor Ajit, Friendship Ministries works “in response to the Great commission to make disciples of Jesus in Bangladesh.”