“No One Else Is Reaching the Community this Way”


Friendship Ministries in Bangladesh, led now by Pastor Ajit, finds all kinds of ways to reach all kinds of people in their community with the gospel. Hindus, Muslims, children, teens, adults, and the elderly are all hearing the good news of Jesus Christ.

One main way the team reaches these people is through their friendship Bible classes.

Weekly Outreach to Community

Every week, a team takes to the streets to go from home to home meeting people, listening to their needs, and praying for them. The team encourages those they meet in the community and shares the truth of God’s Word with them.

As the founder of the ministry, Pastor Sohit, said,

No one else is reaching the community this way in our area. We want to reach out as it says in 2 Timothy 2:2.

Recruiting for Bible Classes

As people hear the gospel and believe, the Friendship team encourages them to attend a Bible class. They have them give their testimony, follow the Lord in a believer’s baptism, and to follow the Savior with their whole heart, soul, and mind. The new believer is welcomed and leadership training as they grow in Christ.

Once someone responds to the gospel and believe, they are encouraged to give their testimony, follow the Lord in a believer’s baptism, and to follow the Savior with their whole heart, soul, and mind. The new believer is even offered leadership training as they grow in Christ.

Bible Classes Teach about New Life in Christ

The Bible classes are full of discipleship and growth opportunities. Each one is about two hours long. They have singing, testimonies, quizzes, prayer, memory verses, and preaching. To help them learn, each month the Friendship team gives the students a notebook and pen. For their encouragement, some of the more advanced students are given an opportunity to lead a portion of the class.

And as students show special interest in learning, the Friendship team takes them aside for special discipling and leadership training. Every week there are about 1,000 students from the community in the ministry.

Please join the Friendship team in praying for the many students who have heard the gospel. Pray it takes root in their hearts and lives!

About Friendship Ministries

From a church, to Bible classes, to a literature library mobile boat, Friendship Ministries is about sharing the love of Jesus and discipling believers throughout Bangladesh in strategic ways.

In the 1970s Pastor Salim started small Bible classes in his area, which later became Friendship Bible Church, a blossoming and growing community of believers dedicated to knowing Jesus and making him known. Using this church as a ministry hub, other outreaches like a Jesus Film video program, theology training schools, and even a football (soccer) team have been born to do evangelism throughout the country.

All of it aims to meet needs, meet people, and introduce Jesus to people who don't yet know Him. Now led by Pastor Ajit, Friendship Ministries works “in response to the Great commission to make disciples of Jesus in Bangladesh.”