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Chicken, Fish, and Cows—How a Leader Becomes Self-Sustaining

From a church, to Bible classes, to a literature library mobile boat, Friendship Ministries is about sharing the love of Jesus and discipling believers throughout Bangladesh in strategic ways.

In the Driver's Seat

The leader of this ministry, Ajit, has been in the drivers' seat since 2014 when he assumed the day-to-day leadership from the ministry's founder, Salim.

Ajit has a wife and two young kids. Together they live on a farm, where they work the land and raise livestock for their livelihoods and for the benefit of the ministry they lead.

As he assumed leadership, Ajit has always desired that he and his ministry be self-sustaining... and he's worked to that end ever since.

Chickens and Eggs

Like another Live Global ministry, Ajit worked to raise chickens for several years as a way to make a profit for the ministry. Ajit would sell the chicks and eggs in the market to secure funding for the projects Friendship Ministries was working on.

But, when the bird flu scare came, Ajit decided to find a different business, even though his own flock never got sick.

Fish are Food

Ajit owns a small pond, where he raises catfish and other types of fish as well. As a way to help the staff of Friendship Ministries, the staff are invited to take some fish to feed their families. Whatever fish are left get sold in the market for additional funds.


Blessed Like Jacob

After the chicken business phased out, Ajit took out a small loan to buy a cow. Since that time, he's been able to pay back the loan little by little while also increasing his heard to 17 cows! He's been blessed like Jacob as he's labored in ministry for Christ. Ajit even planted his own corn so that he could inexpensively feed his cows good food.

Ajit and his wife are solely committed to Jesus Christ and their ministry, which seeks to primarily make disciples in Bangladesh. Ajit is creative in his approach to ministry and innovative in the methods he uses. He is dedicated to the training of his staff and ministry team. God was truly faithful to raise up such strong and committed leaders to carry on the ground-breaking ministry that Salim established so many years ago in this area of Bangladesh.


From a church to a literature library mobile boat, Friendship Ministries is about sharing the love of Jesus and discipling believers throughout Bangladesh.

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