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About Friendship Ministries

From a church, to Bible classes, to a literature library mobile boat, Friendship Ministries is about sharing the love of Jesus and discipling believers throughout Bangladesh in strategic ways. In the 1970s Pastor Salim started small Bible classes in his area, which later became Friendship Bible Church, a blossoming and growing community of believers dedicated to knowing Jesus and making him known. Using this church as a ministry hub, other outreaches like a Jesus Film video program, theology training schools, and even a football (soccer) team have been born to do evangelism throughout the country. All of it aims to meet needs, meet people, and introduce Jesus to people who don't yet know Him. Now led by Pastor Ajit, Friendship Ministries works “in response to the Great commission to make disciples of Jesus in Bangladesh.”

Latest Updates from Friendship Ministries

Trouble Times Outreach Banner
God's Help in Times of Trouble

In a season of trouble, this team adapts to persevere. They continue with new and creative outreach. The holidays are an opportunity.

Cyclone Yaas: Adding Hardship to Hardship

When Cyclone Yaas hit land in India in May 2021, the effects rippled across country borders into Bangladesh.

A Covering for the Body and a Covering for Sin

The blankets, books, and food were appreciated. Sharing the news that Jesus provided a covering (atonement) for sin was the most important.

Powerless Pandemic
Without power, But Not Without Power

A cataclysmic combination of COVID-19, Cycolone Amphan, and economic lockdowns make it hard to go back to school. God's power overcomes.

Coronavirus in Bangladesh: Snapshots of Life and Ministry

Friendship Ministries focuses on offering relief like food, blankets, and free education to people who need it while using these efforts for evangelism.

poorest of the poor
Children Here Are the Poorest of the Poor

Friendship Children's Schools have a manifold purpose. Most of the kids come from families who are the poorest of the poor.

Chicken, Fish, and Cows—How a Leader Becomes Self-Sustaining

As he assumed leadership, Ajit has always desired that he and his ministry be self-sustaining, and he's worked to that end ever since.

all backgrounds
How to Reach Families from All Backgrounds

The children come from all backgrounds, so the prayer is that God would use this ministry to preach the good news to each of them.

Schools, music, seniors, and farms
Schools, Music, Senior Programs, and Farms

What do schools, music, senior programs, and farms have in common? If you ask Pastors Ajit and Salim, these are all ways to reach people for Christ!

"No One Else Is Reaching the Community this Way"

Friendship Ministries finds all kinds of ways to reach all kinds of people in their community with the gospel. One way is through friendship Bible classes.

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  • That God would keep the enemy far from the students in the Bible school. That the students (many of them from Muslim or Hindu backgrounds) would be emboldened to study the Word of God amidst opposition.
  • Pray for people suffering from the effects of natural disasters that destroy their homes and livelihoods. Pray they find help and hope in the one true God.
  • That God would save those who have and will hear the gospel through the many outreaches of Friendship Ministries
  • That the Friendship church would grow in faithfulness to Jesus and in number of those who are being saved
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