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Finding the Common Denominator for Successful Church Plants

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Wouldn't it be cool if we knew what all of the successful church plants in India had in common?

Well, an organization called Consultation on National Strategy for Missions decided to find out if there was one.

Conducting the National Survey

Back in 1995 they approached a man named Dr. Samuel Daniel to conduct a national survey to find a common denominator among those planting successful churches at the grassroot level in India.

The goal was to develop a national strategy for missions.

No Common Denominator?

Dr. Samuel Daniel traveled intensively for two years conducting a Harvest Force survey in India. He traveled to every single dot on the airlines map and collected 15,000 data forms during his two years of study.

He was looking for common denominators among the harvesters of successful church plants. Surprisingly (and somewhat disappointingly), at the end of two years no common denominator could be determined in the data collected.

Successful Church Plants Do Share One Thing

There were, however, some common factors which were not included in the survey questionnaire. None of the successful church planters in India had been to seminary or had formal theological education. Instead they were ordinary lay-level people, inspired by God in a sporadic and spontaneous manner. And it was obvious that their hearts were on fire for the Lord.

By virtue of their consistent evangelism and distribution of tracts repeatedly in the same area, many souls were won to Christ.

Faith, Prayer, and Tract League

The new believers needed a pastor and these men soon found themselves planting churches. Dr. Samuel Daniel coined a new name for this fired up harvest force—“Leaders in Obscurity." He founded the ministry called the Faith, Prayer, and Tract League after his growing team's work was well received. Now his son, Dr. Mano Daniel, has taken up the task of organizing and training these incredible leaders.  


The Faith, Prayer, and Tract League (FPTL) has a team of people who write gospel tracts, pray daily, and hand out the tracts in India.

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Make a Difference

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  • Pray for safety for the leaders of obscurity as they share God's Word throughout the region
  • Pray for wisdom for Dr. Mano Daniel as he trains the leaders in appropriate subjects
  • Pray that many come to know Christ as a result of one of these conversations
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