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Sharing Christ Where He Was a Terror Before

Indian gang

Michael was born in a slum. He left school when he was in 5th grade and joined a terror gang. In his teens he became very notorious. People in his slum and the neighboring slums approached him to become a hit man. He was hired by people and given money for cutting people. He had different rates for cutting hands, fingers, legs, and so on. He had become an alcoholic very early in life. In one of his contracts, he unintentionally stabbed a man in the stomach. He was arrested and put in jail. The man he stabbed survived, and Michael's sentence was reduced. His enemies began to increase and he lived in terror, fearing death from his enemies.

Coming to Christ

Going in and out of jail and leading his life of terror made Michael lose his family and friends. Michael had become an alcoholic and a drug addict. He had earned many enemies and reached a point where people started avoiding him. All those who used him for their benefit now shunned him. He was all alone. Someone, by God's saving grace, gave him a gospel tract.

Michael read it and learned that Jesus loves him so much that He came down from Heaven and became a man, and died for him and rose again. He learned that by having faith in Jesus Christ, confessing his sin, and accepting Jesus as his personal Savior and Lord, he could be free from his incredible burden of sin. Michael accepted Jesus Christ and was discipled by one of our Leaders in Obscurity pastors.

He took up a job of driving cycle rickshaw. His life was totally transformed and he began to share the love of Christ to the slum where he was a terror before. People laughed at him in the beginning, ridiculing him, saying that he could never change from being an alcoholic and a drug addict. To their surprise, he was totally transformed.

Hit Man Turned Pastor

He began to distribute tracts and share his testimony of how God's Love changed him and transformed him. Slowly people began to attend his prayer meetings. He baptized the non-Christians who also wanted to be transformed like him. He planted a church in a small hut in the village. The land where the slum was located was owned by the government. All his congregation were also in the same slum. The government took over the land and gave them alternative accommodations. Since his church was not a residential plot, they refuse to give him alternative arrangements.


Image by Sistak, via Wikimedia Commons.

He came to the leaders of Faith, Prayer, and Tract League crying, not knowing what to do. We got an idea and told him that he can use our training center for the church. His members are all working as house maids, rickshaw walas, and day laborers. There are 150 people in his congregation. He has passed our professorship training and graduated as professor. He has 32 students in his regional institute of LIOBICS (Leadership in Obscurity Bible Institute College and Seminary) Praise the Lord.

He has been to Sri Lanka and ministered with our LIO churches there. All glory and praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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