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Selling Tapioca, Sharing Jesus


Ka's story has a rough start. He was a thug, in and out of jail, and constantly drunk and high on drugs. He was the one who settled disputes in the slums, which usually landed Ka in a fight. The local police all knew his face.

The Lord Gives Beauty for Ashes

Even though Ka’s life was a complete mess, the Lord was working in his family. His daughter found a tract about Jesus, took it home, and began reading it. And Jesus changed her life! She was baptized, started going to church, and began growing in her relationship with Jesus. She had something Ka hadn’t seen before. Her little face radiated joy.

After watching his daughter in amazement and witnessing the changes in her day after day, Ka was convinced he needed to follow Jesus.

The man who couldn’t stay sober, now couldn’t stop talking about Jesus.

Selling Tapioca to Talk About Jesus

Ka’s life began changing, and he started to realize that he needed to find another way of providing for his family. Ka had never been to school. He couldn’t read or write. But he was able to walk, so he decided to buy a cart and started to sell tapioca on the streets of Chennai. With millions of people living in the city and walking the streets every day, Ka’s new vocation put him into contact with tons of people. Day in and day out, he used his platform to share the news of Jesus. He handed out tracts to anyone he could.

Many people who bought Ka’s tapioca and received the tracts started to follow Jesus. Actually, so many people believed that they formed a little church. And as people were discipled and shared truth about Jesus with others, one church turned into two, which eventually became five churches! God used an illiterate street vendor selling tapioca to start five church plants.

Ka is one of the thousands of Leaders in Obscurity (LIOs) with the Faith, Tract, and Prayer League (FTPL). People like him across the country of India use their jobs or other opportunities to hand out tracts to spread the good news about Jesus.

God has also been opening doors for Ka to minister to Tamil Indian people around the globe in Malaysia, Singapore, the U.S., and the Netherlands. This is a new ministry for FTPL, and they praise God for it!


The Faith, Prayer, and Tract League (FPTL) has a team of people who write gospel tracts, pray daily, and hand out the tracts in India.

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