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Peanut Vendor Meets the One True God

Peanut vending

When one peanut vendor was desperate for help and did everything his religion told him to do, but saw no results, the one true God who answers prayer got attention.

Meet Babu Before Christ

Babu was a peanut vendor. Every morning he faithfully readied his cart, and laden with peanuts he set off down the street. On top of his cart he had a charcoal stove where he would fry the peanuts as he would shout, "Peanuts for sale.”

Several different times when he was vending peanuts, he met Christians who gave him tracts. But he did not like their foreign teachings. He hated them. So whenever they gave him tracts, he would use the tracts as packing for his peanuts.

How God Captures a Heart

One day Babu's daughter became very ill. She had a high fever and could not keep down any food. He took her to the hospital where she received some treatment, but they finally sent her home without answers, saying that there was no hope that she would get better.

The peanut vendor was devastated. But he had not yet sought his holy men. So he began to visit the gurudwar (a Sikh temple). He met with the priests who suggested that his daughter drink holy water. So that’s what he bought. Gallons and gallons of holy water. But it didn’t help. His daughter showed no signs of improvement.

Babu didn’t know what to do. The hospital had given them no hope and had been very expensive. He had been sure that the holy water would help her. But even that had no effect.

He was very sad, but he had to keep working. So he continued selling his peanuts.

Meeting the One True God

One day as he was working, the tract distributors came to him again. He was desperate for help, so he figured it couldn’t hurt to ask them to pray to their foreign God.

They told him that their God was not foreign but the God of the whole universe. Jesus was an Asian born in the Middle East.

Babu didn’t care much about what they said about their God; he just wanted anyone who was willing to pray for his little girl. So he invited them to his home to pray over her.

They walked with him to his home where they met his daughter. They put their hands on her and began to pray to the one true God.

As soon as they had finished, she started to feel better. Her temperature broke. She had strength again. She gave her dad a small smile.

Babu was amazed. He had followed his religion as faithfully as he could, but nothing he or the priests had done had helped his daughter. But these followers of Jesus had prayed to their God, and their God answered! Their God was powerful—more powerful than his gods. A God like that deserved to be followed.

Babu and his whole family wanted to hear more about Jesus. They asked the tract distributors many questions and when they heard about how Jesus had died so that they could have peace with God, they believed! Each of them wanted to be baptized to show their new allegiance to Jesus.

The tract distributors connected them with a local group of believers that they began to meet with.

Vending Peanuts to the Glory of God

And what did this peanut vendor do after he decided to follow Jesus? He kept selling peanuts. But instead of using tracts as packing, he began handing them out to the people who bought from him, and the Lord began to bless him. Many people heard his story and would read the tracts, and they came to believe in Jesus too.

Today Babu has planted a church with 60 families. All of them are from the Sikh community. God is at work in this congregation of believers. They desire to continue reaching out to their community. One of the men in the church has donated 16 acres of land for them to build a church and school for the community.

Babu is a Leader in Obscurity (LIO) with the Faith Tract and Prayer League (FTPL). There are literally thousands of people like him across the country India using their jobs (like peanut vending) or other opportunities to hand out tracts to spread the good news about Jesus.


Everyone in the church Babu has planted comes from a Sikh background. Sikhs wear a turban on their heads and do not cut their hair or shave their beard. They are a tight-knit group who do not worship idols, but they almost worship their Holy Book and adhere to it (more than some Christians follow the Bible). They are one of the hardest groups of people to reach. But God is gathering a big harvest among the sikhs and many are coming to know the one true God.


The Faith, Prayer, and Tract League (FPTL) has a team of people who write gospel tracts, pray daily, and hand out the tracts in India.

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