About Faith, Prayer, and Tract League

The Faith, Prayer & Tract League (FPTL) write gospel tracts and have an army of what they call “Leaders in Obscurity” (LIOs) who daily pray and hand out the tracts. There are over 30,000 of these leaders in obscurity at work daily in India. Each of them has their own way of distributing the tracts and they are from all walks of life—businessmen to rickshaw drivers. Hundreds of thousands of people are coming to Christ and dozens of small group churches have started.

Dr. Mano Daniel, the president of the FPTL, helps to send teams of teachers multiple times a year to train hundreds of these leaders so that they have an understanding of God’s Word that matches their passion for sharing it.

With hundreds coming to faith in Jesus Christ after reading the tracts, Dr. Mano Daniel and the FPTL have been burdened to provide deeper Biblical training to the baby believers. Often, a grassroots level church will start among the newborn Christians. They are hungry for spiritual meat. Dr. Mano Daniel is working hard to meet the need for training by sending qualified Bible teachers to the large pockets of new believers. He will utilize anyone God sends his way. North American teachers/trainers can teach through a translator. The need for training is great.

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