Good Questions Get Answered

Great questions

I was sharing about Jesus with a man the other day. The man kept asking me about Jesus’ journey. I gave him maps and told him more, but this man said that he didn’t believe Jesus was God. He believes every miracle Jesus did was from Buddha. What would you tell that man?

This was one of the great questions posed by a student in second-period church history class. And it was just one of several asked by the students who are all so eager to gain practical and theological training. It’s good, isn’t it?

The Faith Baptist Strategy

Students at Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary in Myanmar have an incredible opportunity to grow in their faith and ministries. They are taught by highly-qualified Burmese and American professors. And the students get degrees comparable to ones they would get at seminaries or Bible colleges in a Western country. Degree programs at Faith Baptist last two years and cost a fraction of what they would elsewhere. Although for many students, earning enough money to pay for school is still a faith-building challenge.

Training the Burmese to be pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and church leaders in their home country has an incredible advantage. These students already know the language and culture of their home country, so when they graduate they are uniquely equipped to reach their own people. What a way to do ministry in a country that’s still so unreached!

Where Good Questions Get Answered

Frequently, as a supplement to the normal curriculum, students at Faith Baptist are given the floor to ask any question they would like.

Great questions

And the questions are so good! Here is another one.

Was America actually built on biblical truth like many people say? How has secularization affected America?

Let’s pray for wisdom for the professors as they answer the students’ questions from God’s Word. And let’s pray that each student grows “in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18).

At a time in history when God is bringing huge numbers of people to Christ, seminary training is a vital key to the Great Commission in Asia. Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary in Myanmar trains young and inexperienced leaders in solid theological doctrine, helping Burmese believers become mature evangelists. These Burmese believers graduate excited and equipped to make disciples in their home cities and villages, enabling new believers throughout the country to become mature followers of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Do Suan Mung, the faithful founder of both the Bible college and seminary in Myanmar, opened the first doors to the school in 1986 and is personally still on the front lines of this educational endeavor. He is now joined by plenty of other well-trained professors as they raise up and send out their students. Between the college and seminary, hundreds of students are trained each year to go out as pastors, evangelists, and missionaries to the lost in Myanmar.

Join Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary on their mission to empower students for a life of enduring commitment to Christ, biblical fidelity, moral integrity, intellectual growth, and lasting contribution to the Kingdom of God.

Meet the President: Dr. Do Suan Mung
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