A Heart for Urdu Speakers

Urdu translation

Bijaya is our faithful brother in Christ who leads the Evangelism to Remote Villages in Nepal project. Of course, he and his wife and ministry team focus their evangelism trips and discipleship journeys on Nepal most of the time. However, as opportunities come up for Bijaya to be helpful minister of God’s Word in other areas, he accepts the occasion with gladness.

And it’s clear how God worked to bring Bijaya and an Urdu-speaking believer in Christ together for His purpose.

At the Foot of the Mountains in India

An opportunity came up for Bijaya at an area at the foot of the mountains in Northern India. The winter is so difficult further north in the mountains in that area, where Urdu is spoken, so the teaching time was planned to take place at the foot of the mountains. New and old believers gathered to hear God’s Word preached to them by Bijaya.

Foot of the mountain

Training Former Muslims

During the discipleship time, Bijaya learned that there were former Muslims in attendance. So Bijaya focused the lessons on sin, the Cross and salvation. Why did God have to come as Jesus? What did Jesus do on the cross? For days, Bijaya preached long answers and gave these men practical theology they can use when they go back to live among the wolves in their home villages.


According to Bijaya, those in attendance said “they learned much more than they learned in last two months from other teachers. We were humbled to know that and just praised God.”

But one such former Muslim in attendance stood out from the rest to Bijaya.

Redeemed Muslim a Part of God’s Plan for Urdu-Speaking People

God was so kind to bring this man from Northern India to these meetings, where he was able to meet Bijaya and begin a project that will impact many more for Christ! Bijaya shares the story:

God gave brother Mubaraq to us. He used to be the one to perform morning prayer in his village mosque way in the northern part of India. But now he knows the one true God and the true way of salvation. Mubaraq speaks Urdu in his village which is an answer to one of my prayers!

Mubaraq and I sat down in our free times, even late into the night, to translate our new tract, “The Ancient Path,” into the Urdu language. I’ve had a heart for Urdu speakers for so long. I used to listen to the Urdu radio service when I was in school. Twenty-five years ago, after a long day in school and working at my family’s grocery store, I used to listen to the radio in short wave stations. Nepali stations would be dead by 11 p.m., but I still could tune into the Urdu service until 1 a.m. Since then I have loved Urdu and it has been in my heart. In this translation process, I came to find out that I could still remember the language and Mubaraq was surprised saying, “How can you speak like this?” But God had a long plan and I rejoiced to know that now.

Now I have the Arabic script of “The Ancient Path.” Please pray for this project and a place to print these tracts.

From handing a gospel tract to a construction worker on the world's highest road to entering an unknown Hindu village home to share the good news, Bijaya and his wife Bimala are faithful evangelists. They endure crazy bus rides, dangerous roads, long journeys, and awkward encounters to do the Lord's work in some of the most remote villages in Nepal.

They follow the Spirit's leading as they travel from place to place, meeting people hungry for hope along the way. They deliver God's Word to people who have never heard the name of Jesus and they encourage the precious few believers they find along the way.

They face many hardships, but God is blessing their work and providing for their needs as they share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Meet the Leaders: Bijaya and Bimala
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