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Preaching the Gospel to Our Neighbors

Bijaya is a man well-acquainted with preaching the Gospel. In normal circumstances, he is in full-time ministry driving and trekking to the most remote parts of Nepal, bringing the Word and the Good News wherever he goes. But, the circumstances of 2020 have been far from normal.

There were 100 days of total lockdown in Nepal due to COVID-19, and then after that they were allowed to drive every other day, but only within their own district. So, Bijaya and his church and team prayed to the Lord for guidance on how to adjust their ministry. The following is Bijaya's ministry letter, in his second-language English, sharing how God answered that prayer.

As answer of our regular prayers, the Lord has given us open doors to preach the Gospel to our neighbors.

We Have Seen the Children Just Running Around

In this season, the schools are closed indefinitely and we have seen the children in our neighborhood just running around. We talked to them if they wanted to come for free tuition and their parents came to our church asking to help their children. I told them clearly that we also teach them Bible, the gospel and pray. They agreed and now it has been few weeks since we started this ministry. About 20 children come everyday from 3pm-6pm for free school. It's humbling to be able to share them the glorious gospel daily and teach them some manners to practice at home.  I start the class with a Bible lesson everyday with a clear gospel message. Then we pray and start school. At the end, we pray again with thanksgiving and ask for God's blessings upon their family. They want to come to the church service, but their parents won’t allow them. After two weeks, they asked for a Bible so I gave them a New Testament with the Sacrifice tract and The Ancient Path tracts.

A Spiritual War

One 3 year old girl came with her mother. She saw our gospel presentation and prayers. Then the mother stopped bringing the girl. The father is a witch doctor. He found out that we gave out the Word. The same night he performed a ritual to stop our work. He walked around at night beating a big drum and chanting mantras. He stopped in front of our building for a long time at midnight and did the performance for a long time. This is now a spiritual war and the evil one is not happy. Please pray for this ministry. Other children are coming everyday and I'm preaching the gospel to them everyday. Please pray that we could reach their parents also.

Water for God's Glory

Another ministry door is the city water. Our building is located near a slum. It is very hard to get city water in a new house. It took six months for us to be able to get it. The villagers opposed us but I went directly to the director of the city water department. He came to oversee the area and signed an order to grant us the new tap. We were so happy, but the local villagers denied it. Then the local city water officer asked all of us to meet in the office one day. I went there just to find nobody was there. The officer told me that all the villagers went to a wedding. Since we already had an order from the director, I asked the local officers to hook up the tap the same day. Thus, we were able to get the city water. Now the Lord is using this water for His glory. All of our neighbors come to our house to get drinking water. It's free and it is giving us an opportunity to give them the gospel. Please pray for these souls that need spiritual water also. We are giving them gospel tracts with oral preaching also.

There is very high risk of the virus in Kathmandu and some areas near us are sealed but God has allowed us to continue in our fellowship and our ministry. Oh, how we praise God for that! Pray for our ministry to the children.


Bijaya and his wife Bimala engage in evangelism to remote mountain villages in Nepal, where they share the Gospel with people who have never heard.

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  • Pray for Bijaya and Bimala that the Lord would continue to open doors for them to tell others about the good news.
  • Pray that many would hear the gospel.
  • Pray for churches to be established and grown.
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