On the Last Day of 2074

It was the last day of Nepal year 2074 (Yes, in Nepal they don’t follow the Gregorian calendar; they follow a different one). This last day of 2074 was actually just last month.

There and then, in a tiny village in Nepal there are 500 homes, but only one believer. He has a name of two cultural gods. The parents give their children the names of these gods and goddesses, in the hope that even unintentionally they would speak up the names of the gods and goddesses and they might earn some Karma. 

He Heard the Gospel in the Middle East

But this brother heard Gospel when he was in the Middle East, free from the social and ritual bondages. The Lord drew our brother to Himself, revived his spirit to see his need for a Savior, and made him spiritually able to receive the greatest spiritual gift of salvation. He repented and believed.

He came back to Nepal, to his village of 500 homes, and joined the closest church to him, which is five miles away.

But the local church was praying to start a house group in his village. So Bijaya and his team were invited to help them with the open air preaching and mass evangelism along with the distribution of the most needed mosquito nets to the poorest of the poor.

Even the Local Government Officers Heard the Gospel

The Lord gave us the right time, courage, and words to speak in that crowd. Elderly people, widows, new mothers, physically disabled people, young people, poor people, and local government officers were present. The Lord gave Bijaya the boldness to preach the Gospel clearly, while the local pastor translated it into their local dialect.

Bijaya preached almost for an hour and the local government representatives heard the Gospel. It was the historic moment in that village where the Gospel was preached openly for the first time. Certainly, the written Word was also given out. Afterward, they distributed the mosquito nets to those in need.

At the end, the government official spoke well of Bijaya and his team:

Thank you very much for preaching your religion and giving out the mosquito nets.

This is a comment they never expected, not in the time when the persecution against Christian evangelism is growing.

Changes Ahead in Year 2075

This day when Bijaya preached in this village was the last day of Nepal year 2074. In 2075, they will see governmental policies against the preaching of Christian evangelism take effect.

The work will continue for the gospel, but they need your prayers for wisdom as they seek to obey their heavenly authorities foremost, but earthly authorities as well.

About Evangelism to Remote Villages

From handing a gospel tract to a construction worker on the world's highest road to entering an unknown Hindu village home to share the good news, Bijaya and his wife Bimala are faithful evangelists. They endure crazy bus rides, dangerous roads, long journeys, and awkward encounters to do the Lord's work in some of the most remote villages in Nepal.

They follow the Spirit's leading as they travel from place to place, meeting people hungry for hope along the way. They deliver God's Word to people who have never heard the name of Jesus and they encourage the precious few believers they find along the way.

They face many hardships, but God is blessing their work and providing for their needs as they share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Meet the Leaders: Bijaya and Bimala

Bijaya and Bimala are faithful evangelists to those who don't yet know Christ in Nepal. They, alongside their team, are constantly trekking to the most remote villages to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Their primary focus is to evangelize people who are unreached with the gospel. Bijaya and Bimala combine providing aid (like blankets or food) with preaching and handing out gospel literature and Scripture, and it has made for a great and effective ministry model.

Bijaya and Bimala also occasionally make trips with the purpose of training, teaching, and encouraging new believers in Christ with God's Word.

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