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3 Reasons to Do Youth Camp in Poor Villages

Moldova youth camp

The Evangelism and Caring for the Poor project in Moldova (Eastern Europe) focuses on reaching the lost through providing physical relief. Of course, it's not just adults hurting in the poor areas of Moldova. Kids are affected mightily as well.

One way to reach kids, and consequently their families, is through youth camps. Yes, it seems like youth camp is an extravagant thing to do when people are just worried about getting food for their week. But if you take a closer look, you'll see reasons why doing youth camp in poor villages is an excellent relief work and ministry tool.

3 Reasons to Do Youth Camp in Poor Villages

1. To Teach Kids About Christ

As John Piper often puts it, "As Christians, we care about all suffering, especially eternal suffering." Pastor Victor in Moldova understands this concept well. His first aim at camp is always to teach the kids about Christ.

Every day, the volunteers and Pastor Victor teach the children the gospel, introduce them to Christian hymns, and give them Bible verses to memorize.

Moldova Camp

2. To Give Kids a Healthy Meal three Times a Day

The children come from poor families, so they are very happy to be eating free delicious food. This gift from Pastor Victor's church is well-received and is a gesture to show their love for the people in the poor villages.

3. To Grow a Christian Fellowship in the Community

During those days at camp, the children participate in the programs and games to bond with one another. In some cases, the parents also come to the camp to see the program prepared. The parents are grateful for the gospel teaching their kids receive and sometimes they'll even ask why camp is not longer.

After the camps are over, it's easier for Pastor Victor's church to continue sharing the gospel in the village because they have already built relationships there and earned trust.

reasons to do youth camp

How to Be a Part of Youth Camp in Poor Villages

Pastor Victor and his church don't want to do this youth camp outreach ministry alone. They invite American churches and individuals to partner with them in prayer and financially. These global partnerships are an incredible way for Christians across the globe to use their gifts and callings uniquely for the advancement of the gospel.

Pastor Victor and others from his church are able to minister to people in their own culture and language. And churches and individuals from America are able to be a part of God's work around the world through their support for this ministry.

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A thousand villages in Moldova have never heard the gospel. Pastor Victor is spreading the good news there through evangelism and caring for the poor.

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  • Pray for wisdom as Pastor Victor as he trains up leaders and that the Holy Spirit would lead him.
  • Pray for salvation of those who have never heard the gospel before.
  • Pray for new believers to grow in faith.
  • Pray for people to receive food and medicine when they need it.
  • Pray for the outreach ministries that many hear and become followers of Jesus.
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