84-Year-Old Moldovan Woman Baptized


God is moving among Moldovans in Eastern Europe! Live Global national partners, Pastor Victor and his wife, are serving the Lord in this country where the gospel has largely not been preached.But the Holy Spirit was been moving among Moldovans. This year, Pastor Victor had the privilege of baptizing 12 people, all of them from the village location where Pastor Victor is working to plant churches and bring people to Christ.

Before being baptized, each of these 12 people repented from their sins and went through baptism classes to help confirm the Lord’s salvation upon their life and to help these people receive much-needed discipleship.

The class was full of people of all ages, the oldest named Zinaida was 84 years old.

Zinaida was reading the Bible at home and she was looking for salvation and to be baptized. Pastor Victor heard about it when he was walking door to door and God brought him to her house!

Her relatives did not want to see Pastor Victor in their home but she did. Pastor Victor visited Zinaida several times and had explained the gospel. She wanted to be baptized. It was a miracle to see how the Holy Spirit is working.

May God continue the time and use Pastor Victor and his wife to spread the gospel there where it has largely not been preached before.

About Evangelism and Caring for the Poor

The work in Moldova (an eastern European country) involves reaching a population of 3.5 million people with the gospel.

Currently, more than one thousand villages in Moldova have never had a gospel witness. Pastor Victor is working hard to spread the good news among the Moldovans through evangelism and caring for the poor. Victor provides for the needs of poor people with food, medicine, and other things. He also trains new disciples for future ministry and works with orphanage families.

This outreach is done through church planting in six rural villages, discipleship, weekly children’s camps, and providing clothing for the poor and disabled as funds are available.