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Evangelism and Caring for the Poor

caring for the poor in moldova
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About Evangelism and Caring for the Poor

The work in Moldova (an eastern European country) involves reaching a population of 3.5 million people with the gospel.

Currently, more than one thousand villages in Moldova have never had a gospel witness. Pastor Victor is working hard to spread the good news among the Moldovans through evangelism and caring for the poor. Victor provides for the needs of poor people with food, medicine, and other things. He also trains new disciples for future ministry and works with orphanage families.

This outreach is done through church planting in six rural villages, discipleship, weekly children’s camps, and providing clothing for the poor and disabled as funds are available.

Latest Updates from Evangelism and Caring for the Poor

new believers in moldova
New Believers in Moldova

"I have seen some new believers come to Christ after many years of being witnessed to. Praise the Lord!"

many different ways
Preaching the Gospel in Many Different Ways

Missionary evangelistic work and preaching the gospel has many different ways as the Bible tells us.

84-Year-Old Moldovan Woman Baptized

84-year-old Zinaida was reading the bible at home looking for salvation and to be baptized. Pastor Victor heard about it when he was walking door to door.

Medical missions in Moldova
Medical Mission Sees Door Opened Through Prayer

In a city where there has been no previous gospel witness, the Moldova medical missions team set out to minister the truth about Jesus.

Needy in Moldova
How Taking Care of the Needy Leads to Gospel Presentations

All of the needy people in Moldova are made in the image of God. This project desires by God's grace to see these needy people know Jesus and be saved.

Leviticus in the Villages

Pastor Victor planned an outreach to go into several villages for a time of prayer and fasting. The subject of the message was Leviticus 11:44.

Moldova youth camp
3 Reasons to Do Youth Camp in Poor Villages

It seems like youth camp is extravagant, but if you take a close look, you'll see reasons to do youth camp in poor villages in Moldova.

house fire
House Fire Brings Glory to God

Praise God that through this house fire experience, everyone in the family now believes in and loves Christ. The family trusts in the Lord.

VBS camp 1
Go and Tell (VBS 2015)

This summer, outreach happened in four different villages as VBS was held for the children. They received 3 meals daily, learned about the Bible and enjoyed games. Around 250 kids attended each day. Praise God, many heard the gospel and several came to Christ and are ready to be discipled.  Pray for the summer outreaches […]

Helping the Poor & Disabled

Caring for the poor and disabled in Moldova:          

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    Icon for Help pay for a car to drive people from the village to church Help pay for a car to drive people from the village to church - $25 Give Now »
    Icon for Help support a youth conference and food for kids Help support a youth conference and food for kids - $75 Give Now »
    Icon for Support staff member who works with kids for one month. Support staff member who works with kids for one month. - $200 Give Now »
    • Pray for wisdom as Pastor Victor as he trains up leaders and that the Holy Spirit would lead him.
    • Pray for salvation of those who have never heard the gospel before.
    • Pray for new believers to grow in faith.
    • Pray for people to receive food and medicine when they need it.
    • Pray for the outreach ministries that many hear and become followers of Jesus.
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