A Gospel Camp for Fathers in Nagaland

Nagaland fathers

Nagaland is a state in India where many of the people will identify as Christian. But often the churches and people there need a new understanding of the gospel, discipleship, and strengthening in the Lord.

This is why pastor Aki and his wife Sama have dedicated their lives to evangelism and discipleship in Nagaland. There are still many souls to be reached and hearts to be strengthened in the Lord.

Reaching Fathers in Nagaland

Pastor Aki has a huge burden to help fathers specifically. The family unit is under attack by the enemy in today’s world. So Pastor Aki desires to disciple fathers to love their wives like Christ loves the church and to raise up their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

To reach this end, Pastor Aki led a gospel camp for fathers. Sixty men came for the event and gave their full attention to the preaching.

These men heard the gospel and learned the foundational principles of a Christian life.

Fathers Respond to the Preaching

Among the group of fathers were men who had trusted in the Lord previously and some who were very new believers. Two of the men in attendance had committed adultery in their past, but had returned to the Lord, confessing their sins and asking forgiveness publicly. Pastor Aki was able to do some one-on-one biblical counseling with these two men and others at the conference.

To God be the glory for His work among fathers in Nagaland.

About Evangelism in Nagaland

Pastor Aki and his wife Sama, Indian church planters and evangelists, are serving a network of churches in the nominally Christian state of Nagaland (a state in Northeast India). Work in Nagaland is challenging, but pastor Aki aims to build a spiritually multiplying church that will soon reach beyond India's borders to impact people in neighboring countries. His main desire is to see the church in Nagaland regain its passion for Christ.

Pastor of a local church by day, his passion is evangelism and helping the churches in the area. By the blessing of his church staff, he is able to shepherd his own flock as well as take trips to share the gospel with others outside his town. He uses his seminary education to train up other pastors and provide encouragement.